Bipasha Basu Recalls Having ‘Horrible Wave of Sickness’ During Initial Months of Pregnancy

Bipasha Basu

The renowned Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu recently had a baby shower and is expected to deliver her first child. In order to celebrate the upcoming event, the star couple even hosted a baby shower.

They also decided to participate in a traditional Bengali-style baby shower that looked stunning. At the same time fans are also looking forward to have a glimpse of the little one to arrive.

In spite of the happy moments, Bipasha Basu is known to have revisited the initial months of her pregnancy.


Bipasha Basu recalls experiencing ‘horrible wave of sickness’ during initial months of pregnancy

Bipasha Basu Recalls Having ‘Horrible Wave of Sickness’ During Initial Months of Pregnancy

The actress is also known to have written an article regarding her pregnancy. This is what she wrote, “It was a surreal moment when I found out I was pregnant. We were waiting for our blood work results to arrive, just trying to stay calm and hope for a ‘positive’ result. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, when I got the results, it took a few seconds for my brain to comprehend what I saw.”

The actress also remembered that their initial months of pregnancy were not easy as she had lost weight and was sick all day long.

This is what she wrote, “Either I was on my bed or in the loo. I could barely eat, and I’d lost a lot of weight. It was only after a few months went by that I felt this horrible wave of sickness subside,” Bipasha wrote.

During her months of pregnancy, the actress also discovered how much a baby actually requires. She also narrated how she prepared for all this even though the list is endless.

“I’ve made an excel sheet to keep track of everything”, confessed Basu. Concluding her extensive write-up, she wrote, “I hope my baby gets the best parts of Karan and me”.


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