Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Rohini Eliminated From Nagarjunas’ Show

Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 is getting more serious and surprising after entering  into newer episodes. And we don’t mind this as the show is bound to give you surprises as it progresses further.

As always, the fans are having a great time to be a part of the reality show. Like Bigg Boss, its Telugu version hosted by famous Telugu actor Nagarjuna Akkineni continues to have loads of applauds of the audience for hosting the show in a stupendous manner.

By looking at Bigg Boss Telugu 3, it seems that the most popular television show is going to be more interesting with the passage of time.

Bigg Boss Telugu 3

The 4th week of the show has a list of nominated contestants including Ravi, Baba Bhaskar, Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh and Shiva Jyothi.

Confining to the report that was published in IBTimes, it suggests that one of the contestants Baba Bhaskar or Sreemukhi are going to be voted out.

On Saturday, there were only two contestants that were declared nominated. They were Shiva Jyothi and Varun. Both the names were declared as soon as the show was started. They were declared safe on the last Saturday.


Rohini’s eviction made Shiva Jyothi emotional

However, there came a little surprise to all of us when Rohini was directly nominated mainly for discussing nominations. After it looked like Rohini will soon have to leave the show, there were a few who could not control their emotions.

Amid high tension and drama, Shiva Jyothi failed to control her emotions due to the fact that she and Rohini both had discussed at the time of nomination proceedings. It eventually resulted in Rohini getting voted out by the Bigg Boss as a punishment.

In the end, it was Shiva Jyothi who looked hurt because of this decision as she was too close to Rohini. She could not hold her tears back at the time of bidding goodbye to her.

Another fact is that Rohini actually shared a great rapport with some other contestants as well like Ravikrishna, Siva Jyothi, Ashu Reddy and Ravikrishna.

Prior to this, a poll was conducted by IBTimes that clearly suggested that Sreemukhi had to be the top voted contestants who might be asked by the audiences to evict.

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But in the last moments, Rohini had to sacrifice as she got the least number of votes. And as per the rules, the one who get least number of votes has to leave. The eviction of Rohini from Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 is a real shocker for both the audiences and the contestants.

There was a huddle that actually started before Rohini’s eviction in the form of a task that was set up in the courtroom itself.

In this task, the contestants including Shiva Jyothi, Varun and Ali were asked to become judges. Soon after that, two housemates were asked to set up the case immediately without a delay.

Out of these two housemates, one was the defence attorney and the other was a lawyer. Soon after this task was conducted, Rohini was chosen to be the one who will be going to be eliminated by the Bigg Boss Nagarjuna.

As per the latest updates pouring in, it suggests that a couple of wild card entries may happen anytime soon. But this is not confirmed news and we need to wait till the final announcement is made on this.

Stay tuned for more updates!