Beauty and The Beast Trailer 2 Release Date and Review

beauty and the beast trailer 2

Before updating you with Beauty and The Beast trailer 2, let’s take a look at the movie in detail.

Beauty and the beast is one of the most admired and classic remake of Disney’s famous love tales. The story reciprocates by letting the rigid and arrogant prince (Dan Stevens) know that beauty actually lies within and nowhere else. The prince doesn’t realize this fact, unless he transforms into a terrifying and rigid beast. This happens only after the curse of an enchantress force him to realize the simple fact of the nature.

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Now, you might be thinking about the ways to break this spell? Well, as per the story, her spell will break only if the prince finds his true love. As the story progresses, Belle (as Emma Watson) plans to go for an adventure. She’s the so called daughter of a local village artist (and also an inventor). The magic unfolds as soon as she stumbles upon the terrifying beast.

Before presenting you with Beauty and The Beast Trailer 2, we must tell you that this film is worth a watch. Even if you don’t belong to those who don’t love watching classic fairy tales, you should come over at least once to watch the film in IMAX.. This is because Bill Condon’s work delectably looks magical and mesmerizing. The film offers a magical treat for the audience.

beauty and the beast trailer 2
beauty and the beast trailer 2 | Image Credit: YouTube

The costumes, special effects, voice-overs and the overall production venture looks awesome. While watching the film, they make you realize as if you’re experiencing the magical adventure along with Belle. Slowly and steadily, you will become the fan of those who have given their voice and belong to the castle’s most excited and enchanting staff members like Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and Emma Thompson.

Movie Name:                      Beauty and the Beast
Genre:                                    Animation, Fantasy
Released Date:                  March 17, 2017
Directed By:                       Bill Condon
Duration:                            129 minutes
Casts:                                   Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci

While reviewing the film, we came to know that the tale of eternal love between Stevans and Watson doesn’t seem to ever inspiring as compared to the overall grandeur and excellence of the production. However, by looking at the story plot, it looks solid to the original movie, but the actual execution looks a bit grimmer and darker.

beauty and the beast trailer 2
beauty and the beast trailer 2 | Image Credit: YouTube

If we discuss about the beast, in particular, then it seems that he gets the most terrible CGI makeover. On the other hand, Emma Watson plays the feminist character with conviction. The character of this feisty protagonist is being widely appreciated all over. However, sometimes it looks as if she lacks some sort of compassion and that’s what makes her less confident. On the other hand, Evans looks impressive like the self-obsessed Romeo.

Beauty and The Beast Trailer 2 becomes the most viewable trailer online

beauty and the beast trailer 2
beauty and the beast trailer 2 | Image Credit: YouTube

While analyzing the  beauty and the beast trailer 2 we intend to say that Disney had always proved its worth in terms of the viewer’s expectation. And this is how they always come up with new and successful live-actions of their classic movies.

Beginning their films from Wonderland, and then continuing with some more wonderful and amazing creations like Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Maleficent. You may notice the presence of a plethora of unmatched greenlit remakes from Disney but this film has been favorite among viewers till now.

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