Battlegrounds Mobile India to Be Available With Skins, Royale Pass Just Like PUBG Mobile

battlegrounds mobile game

Battlegrounds Mobile India will now be available in India with a new name as PUBG Mobile.

The pre registration process for which will start from May 18. Initially, the game will be available for android users and later will be available for apple users as well.

This is what Krafton recently announced. Not only that, the company also looks in a mood to provide some great offers to users in the form of Skins and Royale Pass just like PUBG mobile.

The game announced by Krafton will be launched as the rebrand version in the country.

Although, the company has not revealed the actual launch date for the game, there are some confusions among users regarding the same.

But users can still satisfy themselves by going through the updates pouring in this regard.

As per some users, the launch of the game will be on June 10. But this is not confirmed.

In spite of the company has newly launched PUBG Mobile in India, it will be quite similar to the older game.

In short, the new game is going to resemble just like PUBG Mobile.


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Battlegrounds Mobile India Details

Well, there is so much being going on in the world of gaming. As millions of users are involved to play the game, there are also some misconceptions as well.

They are just in the form of rumors that are being falsely spread among users.

As per a report published in Sportskeeda, the much awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to come again with some extensive features in the form of functionality like Royale Passes.



These features will be available right on the day of the actual date of the game’s launch in the country. And so, there will be am entirely new season of Battlegrounds Mobile to be enjoyed by hundreds of users across the country.

After the launch of the game, users will be able to claim Royale Passes after the actual launch date in PUBG. This will obviously allow users not only to earn some attractive rewards but also to purchase various in-game items that equally hold importance.

Abhijeet Andhare, who’s a famous YouTuber, Battlegrounds Mobile users will now be able to retain most inventories in PUBG like costumes, Unknown Cash (UC), skins and a lot more.

This will also help users as they will not lose anything that they have earned after playing so hard. Krafton also confirmed all the above after a while.

In addition to this, there is yet another thing to be noted. As per the update available, the game might not support cross-server matchmaking any longer.

It’s because it’s only meant for PUBG India and is not something for PUBG Mobile universe.

And this clearly signifies that people across India will only be able to converse with other users from Indian servers.

On the other hand, Battlegrounds Mobile India has already listed on Google Play Store. It has now come up with PUBG Mobile branding at different places all over.

Some Other Details

As it has already been reciprocated, Battlegrounds Mobile India pre registration process has already been notified which will kick start from May 18, 2021.

We suggest you to pre register as you will then be able to get rewards that can be easily redeemed after the game will be actually launched.

In the same way, there is one more attraction according to which the battle royal game is expected to be launched with quite similar game play just like the PUBG Mobile global. It will include a multiplayer mode along with loads of maps.


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