Avatar VFX Artist Wins Oscar, Moves Straight to Hospital for Surgery

Eric Saindon

Avatar: The Way of Water released on December 16, 2022 has got a chance to win hearts after winning an Oscar. On the occasion of the 95th Academy Awards, the jury decided to present Eric Saindon an Oscar for his work in the film.

The Oscar has been awarded to Avatar: The Way of Water in the category of Best Visual Effects at the 2023 Academy Awards.


Avatar VFX Artist Wins Oscar, Moves Straight to Hospital for Surgery

By the time awards were announced, Eric was reported to be in the hospital to check out for the remedy for all the pain he experienced in his stomach. As per the latest update on this, the doctors have already checked for both burst appendix and kidney stones.

But when neither of them was spotted, Eric decided to take pain killers so as to attend the Oscars ceremony, where he grabbed the award to which he was nominated.

The actor was eventually declared the winner. And after he received the prestigious award, he straightaway chose to visit the hospital for a check up.

This time, doctors were able to find the root cause of the pain he suffered from. It happened due to the rupture of his small intestine. He is currently recovering after going through a surgery.

Although, Eric Saindon is recovering right now, he looked sensible for the decision which he took at the right time.

A senior personality from the media told that a rupture in the intestine happens to be a ‘serious stuff’ and he is lucky that his surgery was successful.


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