Assassin’s Creed – Adventure Movie to Break History of Video Games

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed is full of adventure, action and drama. The film is based on the life of Callum Lynch, playing the role of Michael Fassbender.

The story revolves back in the 15th century, Spain, where Callum experiences some adventurous ripples of his ancestor (forefather), Aguilar.

He discovers an unbelievably mysterious and secret society- The Assassins that helps him cumulate highly incredible skills and knowledge.

This also helps him to get in a tizzy of the powerful and despotic present day Templar organization. “Callum Lynch” plays an unbeatable role in this adventure movie full with action and drama.

The movie stars “Michael Fassbender” (appeared in X-Men) who is the Academy Award nominee and “Marion Cotillard” (appeared in The Dark Knight Rises), an Academy Award winner. Marion Cotillard directed the film (appeared in Macbeth and Snow-town).

It’s produced by Ubisoft Motion Pictures and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The movie Assassin Creed is scheduled to open in theaters on 21 December 2016, worldwide.

It’s not easy to describe the brilliance of this adventure movie (Assassin’s Creed) into words as it belongs to the world of epic games.

If you want to get into the feeling of the movie (game), you need to experience it for yourself.

However, there is a slight caution for those who are either faint of heart or impatient.

The roles being played by Callum Lynch and the entire star cast are shown at the supreme level.

The adventure movie happens to be the first ever epic game that described way back in 1191 AD at the time of 3rd crusade, tearing the holy land.

This intended assassins to stop all the hostilities and suppressing the conflicts at both sides.

The game shows the player with his immense powers and throwing their environment into a kind of chaos and by shaping the events at the time of the pivotal moments in the entire historical times.


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