Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan Calls Asim Riaz ‘Bloody Irritating’-Find More

Bigg Boss 13 Asim Riaz

With each day passing, Bigg Boss 13 comes up with something new and refreshing to the audience. Asim Riaz, who is one of the most loved Bigg Boss 13 contestants has to face Salman Khan who calls him bloody irritating. This is what the trailer of tonight’s Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar shows.

To be more precise, Salman lashes out at Riaz after he calls Sidharth Shukla’s father a cry baby. Once he says that, Salman asks him if he really knows where his father is now. Asim replies him back saying that he is no more.

Soon after this happens, Salman prefers to call him ‘bloody irritating’. At the same time, he also tells him that he’s just looking like a nag in the Bigg Boss house. Now, this is where the entire controversy starts as Asim Riaz fans are not happy with Salman’s comments over Riaz.



Asim has a vast fan following on different social media channels. And they are not able to listen anything against their favourite Bigg Boss contestant. There are hundreds of his fans who like him to win the show.

The popularity of Asim Riaz can be analysed after many of his fans trend the famous hash tags on Twitter. Some of them include #ViewersChoiceAsim and #JeetegaTohAsimHi. Please take a look at some of the Twitter comments made by the users:







They are doing this to show all their sympathy and support to their favourite actor. If you look at the promo released earlier, it clearly shows Salman calling him irritating. But fans are not in a mood to take his comments in the lighter mood. It’s simply because they love him and want him to win the reality show.

Bigg Boss 13- Asim Riaz Fans In No Mood to Accept Salman’s Comments Over Him

Most of the fans of Asim Riaz are not ready to accept all those comments made by Salman Khan against him. Well, you can analyse some of the tweets pouring in the favour of Riaz where they are clearly expressing their displeasure and frustration over Salman’s remark made against him.

One of the Twitter users calls him ‘he-man’ for all his efforts to constantly standing against Siddharrh Shukla. While others suggest Asim to keep doing all the nice work and stand right in front of Shukla in the house.

There are some who tweet back to say that the most irritating contestant in the Bigg Boss 13 is none other than Siddharth Shukla and Salman has still not spoken much about him. Instead, he calls Asim Riaz irritating. Please find this below in the form of a few of their tweets given below.

In today’s Bigg Boss 13 episode, Rashami Desai is also going to be scrutinise in the house. Salman is going to ask Rashami to leave the house if she thinks that she is getting all the humiliation and harassment by the channel through its contestants and anybody else.


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