Aryan Khan’s Mother Gauri Khan to Give Up Her Birthday Party Bash

Aryan Khan Gauri Khan

While her son is in the judicial custody against the charges of consumption and procurement of banned drugs, mother Gauri Khan has decided to forgo her birthday party bash this year falling on October 8. In short, the party just have to wait which can’t take place without the presence of Aryan Khan.

Gauri Khan must be feeling sad and demotivated at this time when her loving son is struggling to get out of the jail. Obviously, this will be her saddest birthday ever. Talking about fans, they only hoped Aryan to get bail today. Since the court has denied bail to him, there is no point wishing her a happy birthday.

One of their common friends hoped if Aryan gets an interim bail today, this can become the best gift for her.

Some reports poured in earlier saying Gauri Khan tried to bring burgers into her son’s custodial cell.

The common friend to the Khan’s family stated how much more they stoop to make headlines.

There are some more questions raised like Is Gauri stupid to feed her son burgers in custody? They just want him out anyhow. Do you think they’d risk his bail possibilities by acting rashly? the friend asks.


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