SRK’s Son Aryan Khan & Others to Follow This Routine At Arthur Jail

Aryan Khan

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK’s) son Aryan Khan will now have to count days to come out from Arthur jail. He (among others) has been sent to 14 days judicial custody by a Mumbai’s magistrate court. Although, the legal team of Aryan Khan tried their level best to get him out on bail today, they couldn’t succeed in their endeavors.

It all happened on October 3 when NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) raided a cruise ship bound to leave Goa from Mumbai. In the raid, eight people were arrested after NCB officials seized banned drugs from their captivity.  

Now, since they have now been shifted to the Arthur jail, all accused will have to follow the jail norms.

As per jail authorities, all accused will have to follow instructions as per jail manual. The crucial point here is that Aryan Khan will be treated just like a normal prisoner and no special treatment will be given to him.

First, they will be kept in a quarantine cell for 3-5 days, even if their COVID-19 reports comes negative. Next, they need to follow the jail routine given below:

All the accused will be woken up at 6:00 AM in the morning and breakfast will be served at 7:00 AM.

At 11:00, lunch will be served that will include chapati, vegetable, dal and rice. As per instructions, only jail food will be allowed. No outside or home made food will be allowed.

In most cases, the inmates are allowed to roam in jail premises after they have their lunch. But it will not apply in Aryan’s and other accused cases. They will have to remain in their individual cells to follow quarantine period.

In case, the accused demand extra food, they need to pay some charges. In most cases, money is accepted through money order.

Likewise, dinner is served at 6:PM. Those inmates who wish to have their dinner at 8:00 PM, they will be allowed to keep their plates with themselves.

Now, the bail application will be filed only on Monday as regular court won’t be functional on second Saturday. However, the reports say that legal team of Aryan Khan will try to apply for a bail before the vacation bench for an urgent hearing in this case.


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