Gold Poster- Akshay Kumar Looks like a Passionate Angry Young Man

gold poster
gold poster

Gold Poster– In the latest section of news from the world of Bollywood, another Akshay Kumar film is going to release this independence day- Gold. For now, the poster for the upcoming film has been released in which the actor looks like a passionate young man who dares to dream too big for his countrymen. By looking at the Gold poster, it seems exactly what it’s reflecting.


gold poster
gold poster | Image Credit: indianexpress


Well, the poster shows the glory of national flag as it is held quite close to his heart along with the passion that can be clearly seen into his glowing eyes, the film looks promising. Along with Akshay Kumar, others who star in the film include Amit Sadh and Mouni Roy.

The upcoming Akshay Kumar movie is scheduled to release on August 15, 2018.


Movie Name:                  Gold
Genre:                               Drama / Sports
Release Date:               August 15, 2018
Directed By:                  Reema Kagti
Produced By:                Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Casts:                                Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy, Amit Sadh


Gold movie poster is out and Akshay Kumar can be seen as a real patriot with all the passion towards serving his nation. Akshay is going to play the character of a hockey player in this film.

As you guys have already had a glimpse of the movie directed under Reema Kagti, the makers released another poster of the film entirely focusing on Akshay.

The actor not only looks cool in the Gold poster but also seems way too convincing. You might be wondering about what the film is all about. Well, Gold happens to revolve around a fictions tale that revolves around the 1948 win of the country in the history of Indian Olympics. The story plot is all about a man who dreams of winning the Olympic gold for the country.


Gold Poster- A real triumph of victory can be seen in Akshay’s eyes


The new Gold Poster was released first time by none other than Akshay Kumar on his own Twitter handle. This is what he chose to write “A country basically forms only when every countryman sees a dream in his eyes”.


gold poster
gold poster | Image Credit: news.liveurlifehere


Along with Akshsay, Farhan Akhtar who is producing the film also shared the Gold Poster on his Twitter handle with a caption attached- “All victories begin and end with a dream. With an immense excitement and a feeling of joy, I want to present you with the Gold Poster, a film very close to the heart.”

Well, the makers are expected to release the much hyped film just around the 70th anniversary of independent India’s first win in the Olympics that was all happened on August 12, 1948. Gold will release on August 15, 2018.

Telling you something more about the film- Most of the shooting of the film has been performed both in India and UK. The film also marks the debut of Mouni Roy who will be leading the crew along with Mouni and Akshay.

The film is being produced by none other than Ritesh Sidhwani and even had clarified earlier that Gold is not going to be a biopic and is based on a fictions story and has been entirely set on the backdrop of 1948 when India created a history after winning the first Olympic gold medal for the country.

So, the film doesn’t relate about displaying a particular character as you can see that Akshay is not playing the game of hockey. He’s doing the role of a manager only.