The Light Between Oceans Review- A Romantic Movie Arrives in Crashing Waves

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The Light Between Oceans” is quite an emotional romantic movie, opened in U.S theaters on September 2nd, 2016.

It’s two hours and twelve minutes long heart breaking drama about compassion, fate, moral values and the extent to which a couple can sacrifice to make their dreams realized.

It stars Golden globe and academy award nominees Michael Fassbender, Bryan Brown, Jack Thompson and Rachel Weisz.

It also stars Alicia Vikander who is the Oscar awardee. The story falls into the category of a romantic movie and based on the (so called) acclaimed novel by M.L. Stedman and is directed by Derek Cianfrance.

The upcoming movie film is produced by a bunch of Academy award winners Jeffrey Clifford, David Heyman along with Jeff Skoll, Rosie Alison. Jonathan King is taking part as one of the executive producers.

The story is born in the years during World War I. A young veteran by the name Michael Fassbender as Tom Sherbourne gets recruited for a job of a lighthouse caretaker which is situated on a remote island off the coast near Western Australia. However, the young lad is still looking numb from his years in combat.

The story develops further as a sad movie until Tom meets a girl who is the daughter of a school’s headmaster. Tom usually finds comfort in the monotony of the chores.

He lives as the sole inhabitant on the island who is already aware about the solitude of the local surroundings.

Alicia Vikander is playing the role of the daughter of the school’s headmaster (local town of Partageuse) as Isabel Graysmark.

As soon as Tom gets a fair interaction, he gets completely captivated by her wittiness, beauty and compassion.

They soon become life partners after they tie the knot (get married) and start living their lives on the island.

After Tom gets married, the love between them starts flourishing all around. But their wittiness is marred as they are not able to start a family due to some reasons.

Tom comes into action to please the woman he loves and decides to raise the child of their own.

They make a choice with all kinds of devastating consequences coming their way.

Genre:                     Romance & Drama
Writer:                    Derek Cianfrance
Duration:               132 minutes
Director:                Derek Cianfrance
Release Date:        02 September 2016

The Light Between Oceans-A romantic movie based on true story

It’s basically a romantic movie that also narrates tragic weepy can be a tough genre to explore.

It gives a deep satisfactory experience after it goes through the emotional wringer. The Light Between Oceans is the new melodrama by Derek Cianfrance.

The film at times, looks powerful in terms of the characters being played quite holistically.

However, at other times, it shows all the relation between loneliness and human interactions.

The romantic movie errs in the middle where the lead characters are seen to behave most stupidly to end up with a frustrating payoff.

The story begins to build up a nice romantic movie, but soon turns up the most unfortunate after a plethora of bitter experiences.

The Light Between Oceans is a beautiful creation based on a fiction by M. L. Stedman.


The Light Between Oceans Review

The story line is awesome showing its central romance amazingly. Tom (Michael Fassbender) happens to be alone World War veteran who starts working as a lighthouse caretaker in Australia.

Isabel (Alicia Vikander) is the girl next door who becomes the victim of his (Tom’s) impenetrable stoicism.

They soon engage and tie the knot. Not only this, you can see Cianfrance occasionally bombards the viewers with a number of ocean vistas.

The film starts well, but soon becomes a sad movie. However, it can still be called as a nice romantic movie amid high drama and romance. Both Isabel and Tom are busy flirting.

They are busy writing letters and showing their restrained admiration. There are some other well entertaining scenes in between showing a great love and admiration between them.

The dialogues are not great, but sparse. However, the sad part comes after they quickly marry and soon Isabel shifts to the lighthouse.

At this time, she suffers two terrible miscarriages. All this menace makes the entire lighthouse going isolated from feeling tranquil to oppressive.

After watching and analyzing the story, one can easily note down that the second half is richer and emotionally wrenching than the earlier part. Most of the sequences of Tom and Isabel seem hypnotic.

The romantic movie becomes more optimistic when Tom and Isabel discover a rowboat wash ashore. Soon, they find a dead man along with an infant girl.

Seeing this, Isabel makes up her mind to adopt the child as she is still recovering from a miscarriage and finds no hope of becoming a mother. Finally, she begs Tom to allow her to adopt the child.

Tom, who knows it’s not a good thing to implement, but accedes out of love for Isabela.

The melodrama comes out slowly to a tragic end. The next scene shows the family enjoying at a sea beach.

All their proceedings get disrupted after the entry of a grief-laden wraith clad (Rachel Weisz) who is none other than the girl’s real mom. She narrates her story as she lost her husband and baby on a sea beach.

At this point of time, Isabela finds herself into a tizzy with this inhuman monstrous lack of empathy.

This is exactly where their problems start mounting and the story comes to an end from a romantic movie with a sad and eye-rolling twists.

The viewers finally come out through the phase of tear-inducing coda, after getting entertained all the way.


Verdict The Light Between Oceans encompasses a fair experience of acting along with creating a sincere adaptation of its much hyped bestselling source, but eventually tugs on the heartstrings making it not much effective.