Things You Don’t Know About Your Favorite Brady Bunch Episodes-Youtube

brady bunch episodes youtube

Let’s have a look at the most famous Brady Bunch episodes youtube that depicts the story of a person named Brady, a lady, a housekeeper and as many as 6 kids.

It’s interesting to note how a series that aired on television that started precisely as a typical situation comedy eventually grew into an alarming monster.

We’re presenting you with 5 things you probably are not aware about The Brady Bunch episodes on YouTube.

The first thing to be noted down here is the concept that originated in the TV series after going through a newspaper analysis and statistics.

As per the producer ‘Sherwood Schwartz’ of the great Brady Bunch series, it becomes pretty hard for a writer to get the consistent ideas to run the show promptly.

But for this show, he knows the idea behind the inspiration and was no more than a statistic. It represented a kind of four line filler in the LA (Los Angeles) Times.

As per the statistic that was revealed in the year 1965 through the newspaper, as many as 31% of all the marriages that happen, generally involve those who already have children from their previous marriages.

It means that at the time of their marriage, they already had children from their previous relationships or marriages.

Schwartz further said that for him, it’ not just a piece of statistic, but something more than that. It was next to a symbol representing a huge sociological change in the country.

For example, if you look at the statistical figure, 31% represents one third of all the marriages that take place and it definitely represents a huge statistic.

Brady Bunch episodes YouTube- Witnessed Gene Hackman to play the character of Mike Brandy

Another factor that played a crucial role was the hair color at the time of casting all the six Brandy Kids.

Schwartz remembering things now says that he was not sure about the looks of the parents while casting the six Brandy kids. One of the probable reasons was the parents hadn’t been hired.

So, there was lots of confusion related to this. Initially the goal was to hire as many as 12 children in the act to be present in the reserve, including 3 blonde boys and girls, 3 brunette girls along with 3 dark haired boys.

The family sir name had to change to play the role of Mike Brandy. Schwartz recalled that there were a number of guys he wanted to meet and interview that also included Gene Hackman.

Top 3 Brady Bunch episodes YouTube



The Cincinnati Kids

It’s one of the top Brandy episodes ever aired that included everything like facial expressions, one liners with lame facial expressions, etc.

Greg’s Triangle

This is one liked by many. Well, nothing better than Greg’s Triangle that involved a girl dilemma.

The Fender Benders

The Brady bunch episodes YouTube was also liked by many as it showed the best side characters.