Yami Gautam- It’s Very Crucial to Constantly Reinvent Yourself

yami gautam

Noted Bollywood actress Yami Gautam feels the way film industry treats an actor and an actress is quite different.

Even after an actress proves her worth in a film, she gets a lot of praise an appreciation.

But at the same time, she also has to face the tag of being a stereotype which clearly hints that there is a sense of inequality for both male and female stars.


yami gautam


In other words, the industry continues to focus on the performance of male stars and gives them all the due credit irrespective of the efforts of female stars in the success of the film.

And that’s why, there is a need to reinvent at all times. This is what Yami Gautam has to say that female actresses need to be in the process of reinventing themselves after doing each film.

In the recent past, Yami Gautam performed her worth after working in some of her memorable films. The actress made an entry into Bollywood with Shoojit Sircar’s Vicky Donor.

After doing this film, she appeared in the blockbuster film Uri where she gave her mind blowing performance too.

Here’s what Yami Gautam says even after getting all the success and applauds for her performance in Uri: The Surgical Strike.

She says that even after doing a memorable role in Uri, she got all the praise but was also tagged as being the stereotype that didn’t happen with any of the male co stars.

Take a look what the actress has to say on the topic, “I acted in my first film with confidence that was basically a performance oriented role. At the same time, it was stereotype due to the fact that it was not a conventional role from a female actor. And that’s where a male and a female actor differ.”

“This is why I try to focus on a variety of roles and not just the same type of roles every time. And this is where you need to reinvent yourself in doing diverse kind of roles. This will also help others to gauge you in better ways.” Yami Gautam disclosed her inside thoughts on the occasion of group interviews.

At the same time, she puts forth a plenty of other thoughts, especially when someone from the media asked to elaborate what she has to say. “Kaabil also had a sensitive performance. But I not only have to feel quite weird and awkward when I have to play a strong girl that doesn’t happen to any of the male co-stars,” the actress pointed out.


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