WhatsApp Web Notifies If a Message Has Been Forwarded Many Times

Whatsapp web

For the last few years, hundreds of users have registered their complaints about the growing incidences of misinformation on WhatsApp platform.

By going into all this, WhatsApp web has given a new notification to millions of its users in India to curb all such unwanted incidences.

The new notification from WhatsApp web notifies users about a message that has been forwarded many times. Although, this feature is not live for all WhatsApp users, only a few reported about this change.

It looks like WhatsApp web that has taken the initiative to curb the menace of spreading unwanted information by notifying them with its new feature which is all about a message that has already been forwarded by many times.

Whatsapp New Feature

The above feature is now live for all the users. The new announcement simply talks about if a message has already been forwarded, you will receive a notification from WhatsApp about the same .

If you are one of the WhatsApp users, you might have noticed this kind of feature that the company has recently introduced.

Giving you more clarity on the above notification by WhatsApp web, if a user tries to forward a particular message that has already been forwarded by so many times in the past, the company will notify the user by marking it as “forwarded many times“.

In such cases, it all depends on the user if he likes to continue sending the message or may want to quit. 

In the past, while dealing with the same situation, a “frequently forwarded label” was anticipated, but this particular feature looks quite different as the above notification will continue to notify users that a message that has already been forwarded many times will continue to mark it as “forwarded” and will show a double arrow icon instead.

This is how the company reacted on the above notification rolled out by them. “We have recently introduced a WhatsApp update to the forwarded message label that makes users identify that if the message has already been forwarded many times, just like a chain message.

All such previously forwarded messages will now be marked with a double arrow. At the same time, users will also receive a notification at the time of forwarding any such message on WhatsApp.” A WhatsApp spokesperson told this to the media.

To be precise, all those messages that have already been forwarded more than 5 times will notify users about the same. This message will then be marked as “forwarded many times.” The above will work for text, image and video messages.

However, the message will itself remain encrypted end-to-end, depending on the number of times it has been forward on the WhatsApp web. Although, WhatsApp will label all those messages that has been forwarded more than 5 times, but won’t reveal how many times it has actually been forwarded.

In the past, you might have seen the growing number of unwanted incidences on WhatsApp. Considering all this, the company has come forward to take several actions to limit the spread of unwanted and fake news on its online platform.

This will limit forward only up to 5 users at a time. This is why the new feature that says “forwarded many times” is expected to make users more mindful about if the message has been actually composed by the sender or has simply been forwarded multiple times.


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