What Neetu Chandra Doing At Jagran Film Festival?

jagran film festival
Image Source: spicy.southdreamz.com

Several Bollywood celebrities turned up recently at the Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai. Do you know the reason? Well, this was to catch a glimpse of the much awaited screening of the film “Mithila Makhaan”.

The short film of “Neetu Chandra” is lucky to receive the National Film Fare Award concluded earlier this year.


Jagran Film Festival

It’s another way of appreciating Bollywood celebrities and others. The initiative is taken by none other than the Jagran group.

The Jagran Film Festival is the most sincere and honest attempt not only to felicitate people across the biz world, but also to spread the kind of culture to highlight exceptional films and people together.

The whole practice is done in a healthy and transparent manner to create such a platform that connects the right talent with audiences across the country.

Just to let you know about the initiative taken by the Jagran Film festival, as many as 16 film appreciation workshops initiated (last year) in over 16 towns.

It poured over 50,000 guests across the country. Also, it resulted a huge media coverage, which single eventually helped to overspread a massive over 50 million people across the country.

The film “Mithila Makhan” of Neetu Chandra became the first film (in Maithali language) to win a national award.

The film was also snagged for the most prestigious IFFSA (International Film Festival of South Asia). Among Neetu, other Bollywood celebrities also showed their presence and one of the faces among them was Tisca Chopra.

As we already covered that the first presentation of the film already happened in the month of May, 2016, the screening part was left behind which was completed in the recently concluded Jagran Film festival in the presence of some top notch Bollywood celebrities.


What the film is all about?

At the Jagran film festival, everyone was interested to know a little bit about the movie.

It shows the film’s protagonist returns back from Canada to his ancestral home after a gap of over 23 years.

After returning to his home. He finds out his village was ravaged in the 2008 Kosi flood.

Now, for a moment, he doesn’t know what to do, but later decides to reinvent the business of Makhana distribution.

The movie, therefore narrates his entire struggle to restructure the village from a scratch.

Among others, other personalities also came to light like Anurita Jha and Kranti Prakash Jha, who happen to be the main leads of the film. However, “Pankaj Jha” (as Brahma Singh) plays the character of a villain.

The first trailer of the film also screened recently. It happened to be one of a kind film that has entirely been shot in the US, India, Canada and Nepal.

The film (till now) has been successful to take Maithali cinematography on to an unforgettable spree, especially after considering the script, cast, budget and many other factors.