Vijay’s ‘Bigil’ Producer Gives Clarification on Release Date



Do you know the kind of anticipation that people have from the upcoming film Bigil? Well, the Tamil language movie is set to release on October 27, 2019 but it seems that there is a confusion regarding its release date.

At the moment when the makers are busy releasing the motion posters of the film, there are some set of people who are getting curious to know the exact release date of the film.

This is because there is a lot of confusion going on regarding the film’s release date.

The sort of confusion which is going on for the last couple of days is due to the fact that the official release date of the film is falling on Sunday.

As per the one bracket of people, the official release date of the film is October 27 which is falling on Sunday.

Considering this, there are some reports that say that film’s release date may be altered due to this. In place of 27th, the film might get released on 24th or 25th.

Now, looking at all this misconception, the associate producer of the film Archana Kalpathi has to come forward. She took her Twitter account and cleared all the rumors regarding the actual release date of the film.



Bigil has been produced by the famous AGS Entertainment that stars Nayanthara in her key role.

Along with her, there are others who also star in the film like Jackie Shroff, Yogi Babu,  Anand RajReba Monica John, Kathir and others.

As we already stated in our previous post, Bigil is going to be a sports drama where Vijay will be featured as the coach of the team.

He’s hired to train the team players. Vijay will play the dual role in the film that will be of a son and his father.

Another asset of the film is none other than its music which is composed by A.R Rehman.


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