Upcoming Marvel Movies- The Complete Timeline of MCU Flicks


Are you still getting confused about the upcoming marvel movies to be released in the time to come? If you are unclear about what movie is about to release and when we are here to uncover them all for you.

In general, you might find it tough to get in touch with all the latest happenings across the globe. And if you want to discover the most amazing MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), then it is not going to be so easy unless you get someone to let you know precisely.

upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: comingsoon.net


Luckily for you, we have uncovered all the upcoming marvel movies right from the level of phase 3. This list will be regularly updated and we won’t leave any single marvel movie which is scheduled for a release.

Now, before we update you with upcoming marvel movies in 2018 and beyond, let us look back in the history of Marvel films.

It’s not longer when Disney overtook Marvel Studios. By the time Disney came to purchase Marvel, its financial condition was not at the commanding position. The company was going through a bad phase and as per the reports they even had sold off the exclusive rights to a few of their lead characters.

For example, they had no choice but to deal with Fantastic Four and X-Men to Fox. Similarly, they sold off all the exclusive rights of Spider-Man to Sony. Finally, Disney had to create franchise out of characters like Thor and Iron Man. They were obviously the lesser known characters.

If you go by the trailer of the upcoming marvel movies, it precisely suggests that Black Panther is going to unite with Black Widow, Captain America and some others and will have a fight with an alien invasion.

Along with this, a post-credit still from Black Panther suggests how Wakanda’s new and emerging policy is going to affect the Avengers’ final battle for the universe.

As Avengers Infinity War has already been released and performing well, Marvel will soon release some more films that are full of adventure. They are Ant Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Avengers 4.

For now, it looks like Marvel has no concrete plan after 2019. A lot is expected to change after some more action starts. Like you could well see the Avengers started fighting with X-Men.

Ever since Disney chose to purchase the Marvel studios, they lived with only one mission, and that was to entertain the audience with some interlocking set of characters. And they have exactly done that in a period of over 10 years.

They were successful after experimenting a lot. For example, they tried experimenting with different characters and genes by looking at the superhero formula.

They tried doing all this with several phases. Like, phase 1 ended with prestigious film ever made and titled- ‘The Avengers’. Similarly, phase 2 ended with another one titled Anti-Man. In the same ways, phase 3 is going to end with the release of Avengers 4 (untitled).

Within some time, Disney started achieving its target and at the moment, they are in a commanding position and have the power to purchase some other and favorite Marvel characters from other prestigious studios.

In the recent past, Disney and Sony united to create Spider-Man Homecoming. We hope that Sony will continue to create some other movies about interesting characters in the much anticipated Spider verse (Venom).

In spite of all the above ups and downs, there is a moment to cheer- Fox and Disney has recently announced to have collaborated and will become one entity.

Disney will soon incorporate Fantastic Four Characters and Fox’s X-Men into the Avenger’s theme and will start creating storylines from the comics. For example, fights between Wolverine and Captain America, romance between Black Panther, etc.

As we have outlined the major shakeups, please take a look at upcoming Marvel movies in 2018 and beyond.


Upcoming Marvel Movies 2018




upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: YouTube


Movie Name:                              Deadpool 2
Genre:                                            Adventure
Released Date:                           May 182018
Directed By:                                David Leitch
Producer:                                    Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, Ryan Reynolds
Casts:                                             Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Josh Brolin, T.J. Miller


Do you know that both Avengers and X-Men belong to Marvel but still look like existing in separate cinematic universes?

It simply means that their on screen characters do not have to interact among each other and neither would have any sort of competition as well, even if they do in the comics.

Josh Brolin is going to star as Thanos (Infinity War) and Cable (Deadpool 2).

Deadpool 2 happens to be one of the upcoming Marvel movies specifically based on the character Deadpool (one of the Marvel comics’ characters).

The film will be distributed by 20th Century Fox. Well, as it looks like, the upcoming marvel film is going to be the 11th installment in the X-Men movie series. The film is also a sequel to the 2016 released Deadpool.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds starring in the lead role along with some other characters like Morena Baccarin, Josh Brolin, Paul Wernick, etc.

In this upcoming marvel movie, Deadpool creates building the team X-Force in order to protect a young looking mutant from Cable.

Cable is one of the quite interesting characters in the movie. Take a look at something more about the character. Well, he is nothing more than a mutant warrior and has a sort of telekinetic power with him.

He’s also suffering from a disease that turns his flesh into metal. As per the story in comics goes, he largely travels through fighting the forces of Apocalypse. He’s also shown teaming up with Deadpool as well.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: dinasuvadu.com


Movie Name:                              Ant Man and the Wasp
Genre:                                            Adventure
Released Date:                           July 6, 2018
Directed By:                                Peyton Reed
Producer:                                    Kevin Feige
Casts:                                             Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Walton Goggins


Ant-Man and the Wasp is one of the upcoming marvel movies based on famous marvel comics. But we are still unaware about the sequel. However, we are only aware about the fact that Peyton Reed is going to cast Paul Rudd in the Ant-Man character.

Along with that Evangeline Lily will be seen doing the character of Wasp to make him fight all along. The Wasp is going to be featured as the first female superhero character in the MCU.

Now, As the Infinity War has already hit the theaters, Ant Man will soon be premiered.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: YouTube


Movie Name:                              Venom
Genre:                                            Adventure
Released Date:                           October 5, 2018
Directed By:                                Ruben Fleischer
Producer:                                    Matt Tolmach, Avi Arad, Amy Pascal
Casts:                                             Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Reid Scott

Venom is one of the upcoming marvel movies to be released in October this year. The film is going to be distributed by Sony Pictures and is produced by Columbia Pictures.

The plot of the upcoming movie is still not clear but after the release of the trailer, we can make out that Tom Hardy is going to play the character of Venom. He’s the one who has been infected by an alien parasite, eventually turns into the latest dark version of Spider-Man.

As per Disney and Sony pictures, Tom Holland who appeared as Spider-Man is not going to appear again in Venom, although, it looks quite shocking to imagine a film that the original story of the film without even introducing his foe- Spider man.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: ArtStation


Movie Name:                              Spider-Man- Into the Spider verse
Genre:                                            Adventure
Released Date:                           October 5, 2018
Directed By:                                Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman
Producer:                                    Avi Arad, Amy Pascal
Casts:                                            Liev Schreiber, Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson


As you might have noticed that Peter Parker has always appeared in the role of Spider-Man, but if you take a look in the comic books, a plenty of people can be seen swinging from one rooftop to another, wearing a spidy suit.

In the recent past, hundreds of fans in fact lobbed for Miles movie soon after Sony and Disney announced that they were about to reboot the Spider-Man franchise. May be, this is the reason why Tom Holland appeared as another Peter Parker.

It’s also been revealed that Lego directors (Chris Miller and Phil Lord) are going to create an animated movie that will feature Morales and several others. The movie will have the presence felt in the form of Liev Schreiber and others who are going to lend their voices.


Upcoming Marvel Movies 2019



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: Den of Geek


Movie Name:                              Silver and Black
Genre:                                            Adventure
Released Date:                           Feb 8, 2019
Directed By:                                Gina Prince-Bythewood
Producer:                                     Gina Prince-Bythewood
Casts:                                              Silver Sablinova


These days, Sony is trying to expand the concept of Spider Verse. In doing so, they have even hired Gina Prince-Bythewood to create another flick on Black Cat and Silver Sable.

The details of the movie is scarce though. However, at this time, we only know that Silver Sable might be hunting down Black Cat till the time they don’t join the brigade.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: movieweb


Movie Name:                              Dark Phoenix
Genre:                                            Action / Science Fiction
Released Date:                           Feb 14, 2019
Directed By:                                Simon Kinberg
Producer:                                     Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer
Casts:                                              Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, Jessica Chastain


Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones recently took over from none other than Famke Janssen as Jean Grey (formidable mutant) in 2016 released film X-Men Apocalypse.

She will again star in yet another movie that will be on the evolution of Jean Grey into super villain.

 It’s one of the upcoming marvel movies to be based on Marvel Comics, and is therefore categorized as an American superhero film.

Dark Phoenix will be the 12th installment in the entire X-Men series, and will somewhat showcase the beginning of a new era in the X-Men series films.

The movie is both directed and written by none other than Simon Kinberg.

In this film, the X-Men will have to face the unimaginable power of the phoenix after their mission to space does not prove fruitful.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: express.co.uk


Movie Name:                              Captain Marvel
Genre:                                            Action / Science Fiction
Released Date:                           March 6, 2019
Directed By:                                Simon Kinberg
Producer:                                     Simon Kinberg, Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer
Casts:                                              Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, Ben Mendelsohn


Brie Larson is going to shine in the upcoming marvel movie. In fact, she is going to be the first female actress to get her own movie in the MCU.

It was set in 1990’s and is going to trace the evolution of Carol Danver from fighter pilot to handsomely flying superhero that is equipped with power to shoot beams out of her hands.

In the comic books, Captain Marvel can be noticed to have teamed up with both Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers. As per the recent updates, it has come to the surface that a few Guardians characters are going to appear in her solo film.

Both the directors (Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden) have updated that the audience will notice a few familiar faces (Lee Pace and Samuel L. Jackson) to appear in this film.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: movieweb


Movie Name:                              Avengers 4
Genre:                                            Action / Science Fiction
Released Date:                           May 3, 2019
Directed By:                                Joe RussoAnthony Russo
Producer:                                     Kevin Feige
Casts:                                              Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth


Avengers 4 is going to be one of the upcoming marvel movies. As per Marvel Studios, it has been confirmed that the upcoming marvel movie will showcase something drastic.

They said “By looking at Infinity War, there comes the feeling of a climax, in case if you are not looking for a conclusion. The time will only tell but one thing is sure that phase 4 is going to be an entirely new thing.”

One more thing that needs to be seen is the fact that Russo brothers have still kept everything in their own proximity. But we know that all three movies- “The Wasp, Ant-Man, and Captain America” are already set long before the Avengers Infinity War.

Well, it clearly indicates that its 2019 sequel might go on the floors exactly after the previous one has ended.

Marvel Studios has the history of producing great action and adventure filled movies. And while doing so, they constantly reinforce new characters, like they recently introduced in the form of Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), Chadwick Bose-man (Black Panther), etc., if they plan to assimilate them into the universe.

In addition to this, Marvel may also promote a plethora of Sidekick characters as well like Anthony Mackie (Cap), or Tessa Thompson might replace Thor.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: Splash Report


Movie Name:                              Gambit 
Genre:                                            Action / Science Fiction
Released Date:                           June 7, 2019 (USA)
Directed By:                                Doug Liman
Producer:                                     Lauren Shuler Donner
Casts:                                              Channing Tatum, Lizzy Caplan


One of the lead casts in Gambit- Channing Tatum has long been trying to make this movie. He’s often regarded as the Magic actor who is planning to star New Orleans-based thief having amazing abilities to charge certain inanimate objects (for example, playing cards) with his exclusive power.

Gambit happens to be one of the upcoming marvel movies to be released on June 7, 2019.

Now, take a look at some more insights here. The upcoming marvel movie was scheduled to start its production in the year 2015 itself. But the very idea had to be dropped out after Fox had kept it on the back burner due to the exit of two directors.

As per Tatum, he wanted to experiment something new in this film. The movies like Deadpool and Logan have made the ways for Gambit.





upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: whatculture.com


Movie Name:                              Spider Man Homecoming 2
Genre:                                            Action / Science Fiction
Released Date:                           July 5, 2019 (USA)
Directed By:                                Jon Watts
Producer:                                     Lauren Shuler Donner
Casts:                                              Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige


In this marvel movie Tom Holland is going to return as the geeky Peter Parker who will act opposite Zendaya (Mary Jane).

As per Holland, Iron Man will not be shown in Homecoming 2. For now, both Sony and Disney have kept some other details to their proximity.





upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: MovieWeb


Movie Name:                              The New Mutants
Genre:                                            Action / Fantasy
Released Date:                           August 2, 2019 (USA)
Directed By:                                 Josh Boone
Producer:                                      Simon Kinberg, Karen Rosenfelt, Lauren Shuler Donner
Casts:                                              Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor‑Joy


In the recent past, Fox has highlighted some new and emerging characters to take over the X-Men movies when already established 2nd group of actors like Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender decided to exit the franchise.

The first group of actors are Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman.

The makers have actually introduced a plethora of new actors to play in the original X-Men movie series in the form of Alexandra Shipp (Storm) and Sophie Turner (Jean Grey).

In addition to this, they also seem to pull more characters based on Comics and offering them huge screen debuts. One peculiar example is Dafne Keen (X-23) in the movie Logan.


Upcoming Marvel Movies 2020, 2021




upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: Digital Spy


Movie Name:                            Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
Genre:                                       Action / Fantasy
Initial Release Date:                2021 (USA)
Directed By:                              James Gunn
Producer:                                   Kevin Feige
Casts:                                        Elizabeth Debicki, Pom Klementieff


James Gunn, who has been the director of first two parts of the Guardian series, has decided to present the 3rd one in the series, and will be released only in the year 2020.

At this time, we are not aware about the actual plot. But one thing is quite clear, as we have come to know that Guardian will definitely play a role in battling Thanos.



upcoming marvel movies
upcoming marvel movies | Image Credit: MovieWeb


Movie Name:                            Black Panther 2
Genre:                                       Action / Fantasy
Initial Release Date:                May 6, 2022
Directed By:                              Ryan Coogler
Producer:                                   Ryan Coogler
Casts:                                         Lupita Nyong, Chadwick Boseman


Black Panther 2 is going to be one of the upcoming marvel movies. Kevin Feige, who currently heads the Marvel Studio, has almost confirmed about the 2nd part of Black Panther to happen in the time to come.

The shooting of the film will commence under the directions of Kevin Feige. Other than that Lupita Nyong and Chadwick Boseman will be featured in the upcoming marvel film.



upcoming-marvel-movies | Image Credit: Slash Film


Movie Name:                              Black Widow 
Genre:                                        Action 
Initial Release Date:                October 28, 2020
Directed By:                               Ryan Coogler
Producer:                                   Victoria Alonso, Kevin Feige
Casts:                                          David Hayter


It’s one of the upcoming marvel movies that is getting a long-overdue film.

Scarlett Johansson is supposed to play the lead role. She has already appeared in as many as 6 marvel movies earlier.