The Ultimate Bollywood Music Playlist for the Hopelessly Romantic Bride

Bollywood music
Bollywood music

Before we present you with generously effective Bollywood music playlist for your bride, especially if she doesn’t look as much appealing and romantic as you do, please look at how Bollywood music and dance have become the lifeline at Indian weddings.

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Impact of Bollywood music & dance

We are living in an era where we can’t think of sustaining our lives without relaxing our minds and souls. Over the years, Bollywood has contributed immensely by entertaining people with its great music, astounding stories, etc.

But most of the times, you tend to remember only the music, even from your favorite Bollywood movies. Please take a note that music has now become almost a rage at Indian weddings.

Also, you must have noticed that your guests who are invited at the wedding ceremonies often love to show their zeal by participating in the popular dance sequences. If you go by the preference, then groovy up-tempo songs have become the favorite in most Indian weddings.

Another fact that gives a fair idea about the effectiveness of music in the lives of people is when your family members and relatives love to enjoy every bit of their lives to the fine tunes of Bollywood numbers at a wedding ceremony.

The prime reason for this is the fact that music happens to be the best thing on the planet that plays the most viable role in changing your mood swings.


Bollywood music
Bollywood music | Image Credit: YouTube


Today, the entertainment industry has become so vast that it has everything for any distinct personality. For example, if your loved one has least interest in the song being played at a wedding ceremony, you can instantly change the number by conveying the same to your DJ.

Also, if your partner hesitates to dance, you can easily take her to the stage and can unleash her moves at the lavish Indian weddings by playing her favorite Bollywood song.

You might be wondering what’s there in Bollywood songs that tend to make an instant mood swing to even those who do not always like enjoying or participating unlike you do. Well, we would like to acknowledge here that wedding songs have both fervour and an essence that always influence and inspire.

The blog will now enlist some popular and peppy Bollywood music videos  that almost guarantee you to make your bride as much appealing as you desire.


Bollywood Music Videos that Everybody Likes to Enjoy and Dance


  • Baby Doll song from Ragini MMS 2 (dance number)

This Bollywood music video can help a great deal to change your bride’s mood. The song looks like a teaser and has the capability to instantly and effectively change her deserted mood. The song has been liked by millions ever since it was released.



Other than that, it looks quite vibrant and energetic and has the capacity to fill the environment with romantic vibes all over. As you see, Kanika Kapoor’s voice is so touching to the minds that can surely help anyone to relax. This is the reason why you might have noticed that this track is generally played at the time of a wedding ceremony.


  • Abhi to Party Shuru Hui Hai song from Khoobsurat

Well, it happens to be a party song with phenomenon beats. The Bollywood song has given a new dimension to the world of entertainment.

Composed and sung by Baadshah, the track is ready to fill all the positive vibes within your bride. All we can say that such songs have given a lot of contribution to the entire Bollywood music.



The Bollywood music video can become a memorable both for you and your partner. This is because you can groove to all night long with your bride in your wedding.

The track has an amazing appeal that attracts anyone who has lesser interest in Bollywood music. So, if you are confused about which song to play for your hopelessly romantic bride, then this one can be the best choice.


  • Soch Na Sake from Airlift

This is a romantic Bollywood music video from Akshay Kumar’s film Airlift. The number has been sung by Arijit Singh and happens to be the remake of Harry Sandhu (Punjabi artist) from his song Soch.



The new version of this romantic track looks as fresh and romantic as the original. It displays the powerful love and romance between Nimrat Kaur and Akshay Kumar.