The Monster is All About A Vicious Creature Stalking Mom and Daughter

The Monster
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Bryan Bertino was known to have created a plethora of horror flicks in the past, but this time, he directs another one by the name ‘The Monster’.

The acclaimed filmmaker has directed ‘The Strangers’ in the year 2008.

But this time, he presents much more scary and suspenseful film to the genre fans. The film starts with Zoe Kazan, who’s a divorced mother and lives with her daughter.

Movie Name:                         The Monster
Genre:                                   Horror, Drama
Released Date:                     November 11, 2016 (Limited)
Directed By:                         Bryan Bertino
Written By:                          Bryan Bertino
Duration:                             91 minutes
Casts:                                 Zoe Kazan, Ella Ballentine, Scott Speedman

One stormy night both make a plan to go outside to see the girl’s father. Their decision to go outside is taken as an emergency and that’s the reason they have to make this late night trip by road.


Now, as soon as they start entering into the deserted country roads, they (almost instantly) meet with a startling collision but fortunately escape unhurt. Their car is already dead and they soon realize something weird.

They’re not alone in this dark and terrifying night, but a much horrifying evil is already lurking in their neighborhood. The monster has only one intent which is to never leave them free.

After their collision, both mother and daughter have to come out from the car to realize that they’re not all alone, but having a huge and terrifying evil which is seen lurking in the surrounding bushes.

Do you find ‘The Monster” terribly horrifying? May be yes or no. But one thing for sure.

If you note down the frequency of horror films being made these days, you might not believe the figures. The problem with real time horror is an over-reliance on metaphor.

The issue largely persists when the horror relies mainly to put forth a general thought.

If you want to show a real horror, you need to create some tangible threats, and you find one such tangible threat in the movie- ‘The Monster’. The only issue with the movie is that it doesn’t look much scary.

Albeit, the movie doesn’t seem to produce much scare, but the relationship between this pair of daughter and mom looks no way better than any other relationship on earth. Kathy (Zoe Kazan) is a young divorcee who lives with her daughter Lizzy (Ella Ballentine).

By nature she’s quite abusive and alcoholic. Most of the times, she perpetually tries to create tensions.

If we discuss about her daughter Lizzy, she looks emotionally stunted and takes pride indulging in verbal and abusive relationship.

They’re involved in every bit of stupid activity that you can’t think of. Like they tease each other, they threaten each other, they curse each other. And last but not the least, they even resent each other in a violent fervor.

Well, the set-up looks quite unique for building up such a classic story. Both daughter and mother are on their trip when Kathy’s car meets with collision somewhere in the middle of the woods, late night.

Both Lizzy and her mom Kathy, who’re already on a testy road trip get more irritated by looking at the rainy weather.

Their journey becomes more complicated when they have to take an alternate route (due to a construction along side) which is not only lonely but also full of terror.

Soon, their car collides and suffers a blown tire. Due to this, the car starts spinning out of control and eventually collides a poor wolf, crossing the lane. Fortunately, both come out unhurt and start waiting for the tow vehicle.

Lizzy and her mom go clueless from where the Monster has come from

Now, at this time, Lizzy observes a few disquieting things surrounding her.

She gets a feeling of sudden disappearance of the wolf’s corpse within moments when both daughter and mother aren’t looking.

There is no sign of the monster yet. But a huge fang is seen lying along side the road.

There is no explanation where the monster came from. Now, all sorts of questions start pouring in.

Like is it an alien or relates to something supernatural? Where did the beast come from?

There are no direct and concrete answers to these questions. Well, the movie is shot mostly at nights in Canada.

It has been taken care into every department and wringing the unbearable suspense.




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