The Kapil Sharma Show Star Kiku Sharda Charged 78,650 for a Cup of Tea

kiku sharda

The Kapil Sharma show star Kiku Sharda has entered into the list of those celebrities who are recently overcharged of their purchasing. In the recent past, Sharda was charged a whopping 78,650 for a cup of tea and coffee.

We would like to unleash the surprise now by letting you know that Kiku Sharda is currently holidaying in Bali, Indonesia. Recently, he shared a hotel bill on his Twitter account where he was charged an amount of 78,650 for a cup of tea and coffee. But there is a catch in the figure that looks too high for a cup of tea.

The catch is that he was served the bill which is fine in Indonesian currency that comes out to be 78,650. However, if you convert the amount into Indian currency (INR), it amounts to Rs 400 only which is fine.

While posting the entire event on his social media account, Sharda wrote that he’s not complaining at all as he is currently in Indonesia and the amount they charged for a cup of tea and coffee converts to 400 INR (Indian Rupees).

Just like Kiku, Bollywood star Rahul Bose was also charged the same way. He was billed for an amount of Rs 442.50 for 2 bananas in India. Bose shared a video on his Twitter account and wrote, “You all have to see this to believe. Who told you that fruits are not harmful to your existence? Better ask wonderful folks at #potassiumforkings, #goingbananas, #howtogetfitandgobroke.”

On the work front, the comedian Kiku Sharda has completed the dubbing of his animated movie Angry Birds. The Kapil Sharma show star has previously worked in so many TV shows like FIR, Akbar Birbal, Haatim and more.

This time, he will be a part of the web show Boo Sabki Phategi.


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