The Kapil Sharma Show Live Update- Raju Srivastava Joins the Show Cast

the kapil sharma show live

The Kapil Sharma Show live update– As you guys are already aware about the recent spat between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, it will surely going to take an uglier face in the time to come.

In the recent turn of events, much has come out to the surface after the spat between Kapil and Sunil. Now, whether Sunil Grover will leave the show or not is not yet been confirmed. As the actor says he will need some more time to think over it and then will decide what to do.

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As you know Sunil Grover is the integral part of the comedy show, but his recent spat with Kapil Sharma during a flight has finally surfaced. Sunil has written a long message on his wall on Twitter saying Kapil Sharma shouldn’t act like a God.

In the recent fallout of Kapil Sharma with Sunil Grover has finally led to a plethora of debate and discussions. The controversy that led both Sunil Grover-Kapil Sharma much speculated tiff resulted in, the general feeling coming onto the surface that nothing should impact the comedy show.

the kapil sharma show live
the kapil sharma show live | Image Credit: YouTube

All attempts to ensure the comedy show doesn’t get affected by such scuffles, Kapil Sharma almost replaced the entire star cast with new entrants- Raju Srivastava, Ahsaan Qureshi, Rajeev Thakur and Sunil Pal. What comes more surprising is that Raju Srivastava has even shot a few episodes of the Kapil Sharma Show. Now, let’s see how the things go from here.

The Kapil Sharma Show Live update- Hits Sunil Grover with a shoe at the time of their tussle

As per the Kapil Sharma show live update, everyone was shocked to know that Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma tussle really took an ugly shape when the later hit Grover with a shoe during their journey onto the flight. No one can believe that their favorite comedy star would indulge in such an act.

This has been confirmed by one of the crew members of the comedy show who claims that the host of the comedy show in fact abused and manhandled Sunil and also hurled shoe at him.

the kapil sharma show live
the kapil sharma show live | Image Credit: YouTube

At this time, the latest news about the much hyped tussle between both the comedians is getting murkier. As stated above, one of the crew members of the most popular show anonymously told that Kapil Sharma had consumed almost an entire bottle of wine / alcohol.

As per the Kapil Sharma show live update, the host of the comedy show got furious after he came to know that all his associates were having dinner while he was still on a spree of drinking. The entire turn of events made him more angry giving him reason to abuse everyone out there.

This is where Sunil Grover takes an entry and tries to calm him down. But to his surprise, Sharma lost his control and hit him with a shoe. He also used foul language and started abusing in Punjabi language.