The Batman: Joker Revealed In A New Horrifying Deleted Scene

the batman

The Batman fans took to their Twitter handle to react to the 5 minute long video posted today.

The latest is that The Batman’s Joker’s face has now been revealed from a new deleted scene. Those who have watched the Robert Pattinson starrer are aware that they are introduced to the to the Clown Prince of Crime. But fans only had to witness a glimpse of him at the time when talking to Paul Dano’s Riddler in Arkham Asylum.

It all managed to keep moviegoers at their toes after the role was played by Barry Keoghan. It also made fans to ask more from the Keoghan’s Arthur Fleck.

But now, it looks like fans won’t have to wait longer to look at Barry Keoghan’s Joker from The Batman. It’s because Warner Bros has recently released a deleted scene from the film.

The short video clip witnesses the main character of Robert Pattinson where he meets the villain Arkham Asylum for a conversation. Most fans now feel that Barry’s version of the Crown Prince is looking more like a nightmare to them.

As soon as the 5 minute long video clip was released, it made fans to post their reactions on Twitter. This is what one Twitter user wrote, “Barry’s Joker is terrifying. He’s so unhinged I love it. Definitely want to see more,” wrote one user while reacting to it. “I love when directors have new takes on a character and this just reinforces that opinion. This looks really good and scary. Why was it cut???” he wrote.

Please take a look at some more reactions on The Batman’s video clip released.

Earlier, Barry Keoghan took to his Twitter handle to say about the deleted scenes of the film. This is what he had to say regarding this, “Honestly, I am stuck for words, but I am very very BLESSED to play this role after the AMAZING AMAZING Actors before me. Here’s my version. Enjoy,” he wrote.



Currently, The Batman has become a film which has broken several box office records within a span of a month. As per the records, the Robert Pattinson starrer will soon enter into the 4th weekend and has already collected $609,390,237 globally.







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