Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: Ranvir Shorey Open Up About Bollywood’s Godfather, Award Show & Nepotism

ranir shorey

Bollywood has become more like a place of a debate where you can find top celebrities chanting over the everlasting issues like nepotism and more. The debate started right after Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide.

In the last few days, we already witnessed so many Bollywood celebrities giving their views on the issues of nepotism. They have been vocal all along on their social media handles discussing about these issues. Also Read: Rakhi Sawant Shares A Video Stating that Sushant Singh Rajput Will Reborn As Her Son

In other words, Sushant’s unfortunate suicide has opened the ugly side of Bollywood.

With each passing day, you can find new joiners into the already ongoing debate. Actor Ranvir Shorey happens to be the most recent addition into the list.

Shorey was recently giving replies on his social media channel to his fans when someone asked why he doesn’t appear in films any longer. Also Read- Ayushmann Khurrana’ Quote Karan Johar ‘works only with stars’ Goes Viral After Sushant Singh Rajput’s Demise

To this he replied that he needs some good films for that. He further said that his search is already on.

In the Q&A session at Twitter, another fan was quick to add that there is some issues in his surname. To this, the actor replied “Sahi Jawaab”. In the same ways, some more fans asked different questions. Also Read- Sushant Singh Rajput Suicide: Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out at Mukesh Bhatt for Making Inappropriate Comments

One of them asked why he was still not given any awards for any of his films so far. 

This is what he replied back, “I’m invisible to awards. And impervious.”. n the later part of the session, the actor also unfolded the mystery of nepotism, Bollywood’s godfather and award shows.

This is what he added while speaking about aggressive levels of nepotism in the industry, “This actually unfolded on a popular Bollywood awards show”. He also wrote in a tweet that “the Godfathers would like to see me eat dirt.”  Also Read: 5 Big Things Happened in Bollywood During The Coronavirus Lockdown

He also spilled the beans on award shows that are held these days. At the same time, he also gave details of what actually happens in an award show.

Take a look at what he posted, “A star kid is co-hosting the show. They announce the next category – Best Actor. The nominees are played out, and the star kid is one of the nominees. Surprise-surprise! To present the award, the hosts invite two esteemed film personalities, who happen to be the star kid’s parents. What a sweet coincidence! The presenters open the envelope and announce the winner to be – drum roll please! – The star kid, of course! What a Kodak family moment! The star kid walks from the host’s Dias to accept the award and makes a short thank you speech and heads back to hosting the rest of the show like business as usual. This is how mainstream Bollywood is a family. – The End”


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