Sushant Singh Rajput Case: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Opens Up

sushant singh rajput

Those who think that Sushant Singh Rajput case will be buried in anytime soon doesn’t seem like to happen. It’s because of the fact that entire nation wants to know the truth. But nothing much looks like been happening for now.

Even though CBI is investigating the case but it doesn’t give any good output so far. In the meanwhile, all the fans, family and friends are getting worried about the outcome.

Many even have started thinking that nothing is going to happen in this case as many senior leaders and celebrities are involved.

Well, nothing can be said exactly what’s going on in this case. Earlier, NCB has started doing things rapidly have also gone silent. After interrogating with some senior Bollywood players in the drug case, it looks like they too have gone in a silent mode.



Another agency ED also had started taking quick action in this case but was also made silent. As per them they found nothing suspicious about anything so far.

On the other hand, this is a clear murder case and not a single arrest has been made so far. Is this what the people of this country are expecting from these dignified agencies?

When Times Now interviewed Bihar CM Nitish Kumar about the delay in Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR) Murder case, he only said that it is the duty of the investigating agency to do their best and he hopes that it’s been going on in the right manner.

Now, the question arises, if everything looks perfect then why not a single arrest is made in this case even after CBI has been given so much power. It’s because of the fact that CBI investigation has been going on under Supreme Court direction.

You may very well go ahead and see the full interview of Bihar CM below to the level of your satisfaction.

Earlier, SSR was found dead at his Bandra (Mumbai) residence on June 14. While Mumbai police instantly declared that it’s a suicide, the case was finally handed over to CBI for further investigation.

Although, we know that all the evidences have been destroyed deliberately by the culprits or their associates, CBI has now a fair chance to maintain it’s reputation by giving justice to SSR through proper investigation without undergoing any sort of pressure.

On Wednesday, CBI had told the Bombay High Court that the accusation made by Rhea Chakraborty in this case looks mostly speculative. It was mainly to obtain a fake medical prescription for SSR.

Rhea had earlier alleged that a fabricated prescription was used by SSR sisters to procure him medicines that are already banned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).


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