Sonakshi Sinha Excited to Share Stage With Chris Martin

Sonakshi Sinha
Image Credit: YouTube

Sonakshi Sinha will soon be sharing the stage with none other than British rock band- ‘Coldplay’. It means she would share the stage with one of the most favored bands, just after the release of her upcoming film Force 2.

The concert is going to happen in Bandra at the Global Citizen Festival of India. Now, you might be thinking, what she’s going to do at the concert with the British band of boys.

It’s expected that she would probably render a melange of Indian Chart-busters.

Albeit, she has still not given a final call to the tracks, but it’s expected that she would probably select them as per what is scrutinized by her own.

It means she would pick those tracks she’s currently listening. She might also select those that have gone viral, or have become quite familiar among people.

She further said that she is not going to select anything from her father’s time as that’s vintage. However, the organizers have given her free choice to select whatever she wants to.

Now, we all have to gear up to see what she selects and of course, her performance both in the film (Force 2) and on stage.

Sonakshi Sinha loves the band since childhood

Sonakshi Sinha is not only a famous celebrity in India, but also seems quite excited as long as she has to perform on stage with none other than ‘Coldplay band’.

She said that she always liked the peppy music played by them. Sonakshi further said that I have been enjoying their music since my school days.

I especially like a few of their tracks. Some of them are ‘The Scientist’, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Fix you’. She said I can’t believe sharing the stage with them.

There was a time when I used to enjoy their music and now getting the privilege to share the same stage. She further said that it would be wise to better start rehearsing.

Sonakshi Sinha is all busy shooting for Sunhil Sippy’s upcoming film ‘Noor’. In this film she’s playing the role of a journalist. However, she had no idea about the film’s release and other details.

She said that I have already recorded a great track that I like most but it won’t be wise to discuss about it at the moment. She said to release it before the year ends.

For Sonakshi Sinha, everything comes after films as she herself is an actor. She made a point discussing about her limitations and further stated that she can’t always start singing every time under the sun.

She has already made a good try in her movies released in the recent past. For example, ‘Tevar’, released in the year 2015. After that she recorded a great track (‘Rajj’ ‘Rajj’) for her latest, ‘Akira’.