Shah Rukh Khan to Flaunt Different Looks in Raees

image showing shah rukh khan in different looks in Raees

Shah Rukh Khan is soon going to flaunt three different looks in Raees. Raees- one of the upcoming films of SRK to be screened on republic day, next year.

As per reports, the superstar will feature in some typical old fashioned style seen with big collars.

This is what has been reported by none other than the costume designer-Sheetal Sharma.

She’s the one who has done all the make up and everything else to present different looks in Raees.

The question arises- Why SRK has to flaunt different looks in Raees? Well, it’s as per the demand of the script.

As per the story of the movie, which portrays the character hailing from a small town and eventually becoming a rich person.

This is the reason why he has to present himself with different looks in Raees.

This is also needed to justify the transformation in his looks after he evolves his living standards.

On the whole, you’re going to see three different looks in Raees to justify all the different phases of his life.

Another reason is that they need to gradually show the progression of all the phases of his life.

The film actually narrates the story set in the year 1980 in Gujrat where SRK is playing the character of a bootlegger.

But the person always seems tensed due to his business is thwarted by a harsh policeman.

The movie is produced jointly by Red Chilies (SRK) and Excel entertainment. Another factor that was revealed by Sheetal says that Shah Rukh is so keen experimenting with his looks.

SRK’s different looks in Raees demands the need of the script

As SRK is so keen to take chances and don’t think twice in experimenting with his looks, he just goes deep inside the character to make it look as real as possible.

Sheetal says Shah Rukh has always come up with new and interesting suggestions at the time of trials on the sets.

As per Sheetal, the story of the film demands him to flaunt different looks in Raees. As the film comes up narrating the story from 80s, he has to look typical old fashioned guy wearing big collars.

From here, everything is going to change into dark colors. She said while trying to do this, we tried maintaining all the natural flow with elegance as we believe it shouldn’t look overboard.

‘Raees’ is directed by Rahul Dholakia. The movie features some other characters, including Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan (Pakistani actress).