Scarlett Johansson’s Lawsuit Against Disney: Do Emily Blunt & Emma Stone to Follow the Same Path?

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After Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney, it looks like many other Hollywood celebrities are about to follow the sane path. As per an update, actors like Emily Blunt and Emma Stone may come forward to present their views on the ongoing trend of hybrid releases.

After Johansson’s action against some prominent TV network and movie studios, Emma Stone is also looking forward to sue Disney. The conflict highlighted after her latest film Cruella was released in theatres and on the OTT platform Disney+.

If Stone moves her step forward and sue Disney+ for its unlawful behavior, she will join some other Hollywood celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Gerard Butler who have recently taken the legal route against Disney+ and other production houses, alleged to make money on their names.

Let’s have a look at Butler who is known to have accused Padre Nuestro Productions, Millennium Media and Nu Image for not paying him as per the original contract. The point of conflict emerged after these production houses breached the contract and made huge money off his name.

It was in 2013 when Butler’s film ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ was released. But the production houses never paid him the profit they earned from the first instalment of the film.

But Johansson never looked back after she decided to sue Disney for breaching the contract that was originally signed by both the parties.

The issue appeared after Johansson’s recently released film ‘Black Widow” was released in theatres along with an opening on the OTT platform Disney+ that caused her to lost more than $50 million.

The lawsuit filed by Johansson has been supported by some women organizations like Me Too and Times Up.

The list of celebrities taking the legal route against Disney and other production houses doesn’t end up with Hollywood celebrities only.

In 2019, songwriter and Grammy award winner Taylor Swift had accused Big Mouth (her record label) for selling her music to Sccoter Braun (celebrity manager) without taking her into confidence. 

Taylor Swift had signed a deal of 6 albums with recording label that had given them the rights to own them. Swift had announced that she would be keen to release all 6 albums mainly to own the masters of her albums.

The same happened after Kanye West had contacted Universal Music for not transferring the rights of masters to him. It’s because the only source of earning money for him (in the pandemic) was through streaming music and not by performing live shows.

All the above examples of lawsuits filed by different celebrities increasingly throw light about their exclusive rights. In the recent past, we have seen them getting more aware due to the presence of the Internet and streaming content online.

Another name which is coming to the surface is of Emily Blunt who is also expected to join hands with Scarlett Johansson for speaking out against Disney regarding her recently released film ‘Jungle Cruise’.

The film starred Dwayne Johnson among others. The conflict appeared after the makers released the film simultaneously in theatres and on Disney+.

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