Redrum Teaser- Ashok Selvan Impresses with His Performance

redrum trailer

Ashok Selvan who is known to have entertained the audience in the past is yet again going to impress the audience in his upcoming film titled  Redrum.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the actor will be seen featuring in the lead role in Vikram Shreedharan’s directed film titled Redrum.

As per the latest Bollywood news, the makers have already released the official teaser of the film that looked awesome.

We are sure that the audience is also going to like the movie once it gets released. Redrum is basically a psychological horror thriller.

The teaser that was officially released today is of 1.25 minute duration that shows the character of Ram who is suffering from auditory hallucination. This is a condition that upsets the person and so it does here too with Ram.


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Whatever Ram hears people whispering in his ears starts happening in his real life as well. The film happens to be a well mix of mystery, thrill and horror elements.


redrum trailer


As per the reports pouring in this regard, Red Rum teaser is currently creating ripples across the audience. If you look at the title of the film, it reflects to The Shining.

RedRum is also known as Red Rum which is basically a Tamil language film. It’s basically a horror movie that has been written and directed by none other than Vikram Shreedharan.

It stars some of the best actors like Samyukta Hornad and Ashok Selvan in their key roles.


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