Raees-Kaabil clash- ShahRukh Khan Says It’s Unfortunate But Can’t Help

Raees-Kaabil clash

All of us have to witness two big budget films (Raees and Kaabil) to clash on January 25, 2017. The news is official as Raees-Kaabil clash can’t be averted now.

But there are different views coming from the two sides. ShahRukh  Khan says it has to happen and can’t be avoided now due to the unavailability of dates.

However, Rakesh Roshan is all upset with the ongoing developments regarding the release dates of both the films. Both Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan feel this could have been avoided, but the efforts couldn’t be done on time.

Raees-Kaabil clash has not only made my father upset, but also hurt, says Hrithik Roshan. Both father-son don’t blame anyone but call it unfortunate.

They also feel the issue of availability of dates could have been sorted out if things were planned earlier.

But at the moment, nothing can be done and the dates are final which means both the films will be released on the same date.

We can assume how it feels when you work hard making a film; and wait eagerly to en cash your hard work on its release date.

But then you finally come to know the film is going to clash with another fat budget movie.

The pain further deepens when you already know such unprecedented hurdles could have been avoided. This is what has to explain by Hrithik Roshan about the Raees-Kaabil clash.

Raees-Kaabil clash has hurt Rakesh Roshan but there’s no other way to go

Hrithik (on Raees-Kaabil clash) says his father always takes care of such minute things as they sometimes prove dearly.

As he further mentioned that his film Kaabil was to originally release in the month of November or December (last year) but this could not become possible as the dates were already occupied by someone else and this is the reason why we chose this time.

Rakesh chose January, 25 the best time to release Kaabil as he didn’t want to make any other producer in an uncomfortable position.

When asked to comment on the entire event, Hrithik said Raees-Kaabil clash is not something anyone expected.

But things really started moving in bad shape as nobody ever looked concerned to sort out the matter. But anyhow, he seems to look upset, but hasn’t lost hope.

After all, you can’t afford to control the whole world. The only thing that can be controlled is your reaction.

At the same time, the star actor said that he has no remote feelings attached with SRK film ‘Raees’.

But he said that if the team of Raees had wished, they could have averted this. And this clash would never have happened.

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