Priyanka Chopra Gets Excited After Receiving the First Copy of Memoir Unfinished

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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra looks excited after receiving the first copy of her life journey (so far) through a book memoir ‘Unfinished.

It was on Wednesday (January 20, 2021) when the actress received the first copy of the book when she actually got excited and thrilled to narrate the story of her life.

The actress shared her emotions after having the first glimpse of the book through a video that she shared on her Instagram account. This is what Priyanka captioned her post while sharing it, “Can I be terrified and excited together?” the actress captioned the clip.

As always, Priyanka Chopra looked glamorous who excitingly flipped through her recently received memoir. The actress had earlier shared an idea about her upcoming biography to be covered in a book.

At that time she had described herself to be an aspiring actor having so many dreams to get fulfilled while working on the path of success. She has better narrated the entire story of her life through this book which is getting all the possible promotions.

This is what the actress had shared earlier, “I’m a small-town girl who had dreams and aspirations bigger than I was supposed to have. So with my story, I hope the reader understands the resilience and grace under fire that is needed to chase their dreams. I will leave it to the readers to find their connect with my story, but I hope it inspires them to push boundaries and to be the best version of themselves. It was a cathartic experience writing this, as it brought so many memories back to the surface for me, which is my reward in so many ways.”

Speaking on the professional front, the actress has already completed the shooting of Matrix 4 in Berlin, Germany.

She has yet another Hollywood project in her kitty titled ‘Text for You’ for which the shooting is yet to start.

In this project, she’s expected to work with Sam Heughan and Celine Dion.


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