Priyadarshan-Hard to Survive in Bollywood without Focusing on Entertainment


Priyadarshan is one of the popular names in the South Film industry as he is credited to have made loads of movies in the past. But the filmmaker could not attain much success in Bollywood due to some reasons.

Although, he tried making films in Bollywood, they failed miserably at the box office. One reason being the fact that most of them lacked the entertainment part.

At this time, when Priyadarshan has come back into the Hindi Cinema with “Hungama 2”, he wants to look back to all those years of his life that he gave to the South film industry.

At the same time, he also narrated a few reasons about not being able to attain as much success in Bollywood.

Working on a different platform altogether, the South filmmaker believes why he chose to keep away from Bollywood for the last so many years.

Well, the actor and filmmakers says that working and surviving in Bollywood all depends on the sort of entertainment you offer to the audience.

This is because unless you won’t be having the very element of ‘entertainment’ in your film, it will hardly survive at the box office.

And the same happened to him as well. He even quoted some examples in front of the audience as he started experiencing the fate of working in Bollywood.

He said you can make films like “Badhai Ho” or “Andhadhun” in Bollywood having loads of entertainment to the audience.

But it won’t work if you produce a film without the much scope of entertainment. If that is the case with you then forget your movie is going to perform.


Priyadarshan- Bollywood Films Require Entertainment In Order to Be Successful at the Box Office

This is what Priyadarshan has to say about this, “I take South cinema very seriously and continue producing movies on different genres altogether making the audience entertained. At the same time, I do not put any sort of seriousness in Bollywood movies as the audience only look at entertainment part in them even if they have no meaning altogether.

While putting his thoughts on the table, he even cited his thoughts with the help of his National Award winning film titled “Kanchivaram”.

This is what he has to say, “The film “Kanchivaram” that I produced in 2008 fetched me a National Award that had all the seriousness and entertainment. Apne TV Serials

Comparing this to the Hindi film industry, one can only try out making films like “Badhaai Ho” or “Andhadhun”. In case, I try to make a film just like “Kanchivaram” in Bollywood, it would be impossible for me as it will have no traction.”


Priyadarshan’s Journey in Bollywood So Far

The South film director on this juncture says that some of his personal issues affected his last few years professionally.

This is what he says, “Due to my personal grudges, I could not help my professional career grow further as I could not attain all the success due to my ongoing personal issues. But then, I tried making films like “Geetanjali” with Mohanlal. Fortunately, it clicked. And this is how I got some sort of motivation from inside.”

In the Hindi film industry, Priyadarshan is not the new name. In fact, he has worked with a plethora of actors and directors in Bollywood too.

Priyadarshan made his directorial debut in the year 1992 with “Muskurahat”. Soon after that, he went further ahead to direct a few critically acclaimed dramas like “Virasat” and “Gardish”.

Both these films managed to give all the credit to the director while working with some of the main stream Bollywood artists like Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff.

Very soon, the film maker grabbed the popularity charts by making films like “Hulchul”, “Hungama”, “Hera Pheri”, “Chup Chup Ke”, “Malamaal Weekely” and “Hulchul”. All these films managed to place him ahead in the genre. But at the same time, it also pigeonholed him as well. Todaypk


Priyadarshan- Perfect Name for Making Bollywood Entertainers

Priyadarshan continues to narrate his story to the PTI. This is what he further says, “I started well with Bollywood movies like “Virasat” and “Gardish”. Both of these films fared well at the box office too,. But then, I got stuck somewhere with “Hera Pheri” as it was full of comedy and having the very element of entertainment for the audience.”

“From now on, I will be doing my experimental cinema in South and continue to make entertainers in Bollywood. In my long journey in the buzz world, I have learnt so many things and this is the time to cash in with that. At the same time, I also know how I can best channelise my energy in the right direction.”

Priyadarshan believes that he has become the favourite for so many renowned producers in Bollywood as they think nobody can replace him in this particular sort of genre.

Well, the director believes that if he is able to make comedy films with the right spirit, why not go with that? After all, putting smiles on other’s faces is not easy.

This is what he has to say, “When people come to me and say that your films are the reason for giving all the smiles, then I realise that I am engaged in doing a kind of social service to people out there with the help of my light heart comedy films. And therefore, I do not feel bad about creating comedy movies at all. May be, I’m not the great director in the eyes of many people out there, but I believe it is quite hard to make people laugh in the right spirits,” he said.


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