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Before covering the entire story, let’s take a look what Todaypk is all about. Fir those, who are still not aware about Todaypk , let’s introduce it with our readers.

Todaypk is one of the most prominent piracy websites that leaks Bollywood and other regional movies illegally.

Todaypk happens to be a major torrent site having the capacity to attracting millions of users towards its online web portal. The website is quite famous in the world of pirated websites.

Like many other online websites such as Movierulz, Tamilrockers, etc. Todaypk is also one of the prominent names in the world of online piracy.

Once a user visits the online platform of todaypk, he will be able to access all the latest Telugu, Bollywood, Malayalam, Tamil and other regional language films that are available on their website for free download.

In case, you are still unaware of this, you may like to go ahead and check out Todaypk movie download website, alternatives and how to watch movies legally online.

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Todaypk- Online Pirate Website

Before moving ahead, we would like to discuss about the online occurrence of pirated websites that are basically known to run their business by uploading the most recent or latest movies on to their online platform illegally.

Todaypk Movies Download


You might be thinking why the word illegal is being used over and over again. Well, the reason why we chose to write this is simply because the country has strict rules against piracy.

This means that whoever is involved in indulging the act of piracy should be prosecuted by the Indian law.

The pirated website Todaypk is generally operated by some group of people using a number of unknown locations.

In the past, there has been so many complaints against Todaypk as they are involved doing their illegal business of uploading the original creation of filmmakers without their permission.


Latest Movies Released on Todaypk

In this section, we are going to enlist some of the latest movies released on Todaypk.

There are hundreds of top Bollywood and regional language films leaked on different torrent sites.

Guna 369





You can freely download any of them as per your interest. Once you find the list of your favorite movies on Todaypk, you may start downloading them.

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How Todaypk Works?

Todaypk is one of the pirated websites loaded with hundreds of latest movies for free download.

The website works from a remote location and operated by a group of people who are indulged in the act of piracy for years.

As per our research on this website, the owner of Todaypk store the content of different movies back on their online platforms, and further create that in such a way that it goes live through a new domain extension even after someone blocks them.

The website is basically meant to target different Bollywood and other regional language films and leak them for free download.

After the website was successful to reach millions of users by offering them with movies of their choice for free, they started exploring Hollywood and other regional language films that included Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and more.

Along with all this, they also make available hundreds of dubbed versions of the most popular Hollywood movies on their online web portals.

Todaypk makes available movies with a plethora of screen resolution and file sizes. For users to download the movie, they are expected to get it done by downloading a torrent file.

Today, most torrent websites are already aware of the increasing use of mobile users. And that’s why; they tend to update their file size in mobile resolution format.

By looking at the consistent incidences of piracy, a plethora of filmmakers and media houses complained Todaypk for their illegal act.

They even demanded the website to get it removed from appearing in search results. After so many complaints started pouring in from every direction, the Indian government decided to ban the website.

A1 Movie


However, Todaypk emerged again with a bang by changing its domain extension. Even after banning the website, anyone can still access it by maintaining a local server from unidentified location.

One of the reasons why these pirated websites are able to operate is due to the fact that they mostly operate outside the country. And so, they are able to operate easily by serving their content risk free.

The main job of all these leading pirated sites is that they leak all the latest movies on the very first day of their release.


Todaypk Alternatives

Please note that India has the huge population of those who can’t afford to watch a movie in the theater as it costs them dearly. And this is the reason why most of them like to go with other alternatives. One alternative is to download all the latest movies using torrent websites without spending a single penny.

Even today, movies are considered one of the best entertaining options for millions of users along with cricket and other sports activities.

As we stated above that most users in India still prefer to download movies from these torrent websites like Todaypk, Movierulz, TamilRockers, etc, they have become the most prominent online platforms for users to download movies of their choices.

After the revolution of technology along with the widespread availability of the Internet, a number of pirated sites have started operating in the country.

Some of them include Movierulz, Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Tamilyogi, Jiorockers, Worldfree4u, Moviesda, Isaimini and more.

All these websites have one thing in common which is to leak movies just after they are officially released. These pirated websites target Bollywood, Hollywood and other regional language films like Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, etc.

Most of these torrent websites are able to operate with all the force available to them. This happens after they are able to maintain their servers without any drop time.

Not only that, they make sure that their websites are accessible at all locations. The biggest challenge for them is to take movies out from the theater and make them available to users instantly.


List of Popular Movies Released in Todaypk

As we stated earlier, torrent websites target most of the Indian movies along with other regional language films including Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi and more.

Not only that, they are also able to target popular Hollywood films within the same day of their release.

Todaypk is credited to have leaked so many Bollywood and Hollywood movies. In the recent past, the torrent website leaked so many films including Article 15, Kabir Singh, Super 30 and Bharat.

Leaking movies online is not something great for filmmakers who work hard to produce a film. But these online piracy sites are just able to steal their original creation and upload them on their own websites. This results to a huge loss of filmmakers.

Just like Bollywood movies, there are a number of Tamil movies that were leaked in the past. They include Viswasam, NGK, Kadaram Kondan, iSmart Shankar and many more.

There are a number of Hollywood movies that were leaked at Todaypk in their dubbed versions that include Avengers End Game, Spider-Man Away from the home, The Lion King, etc.


Is Todaypk legal to access?

The business of all such torrent websites is completely illegal in the country. The Government of India has already banned them for their illegal acts. Still, they can be accessed using a VPN.

Downloading movies or using these torrent sites in any way is not recommended due to various reasons.

It’s because your mobile or computer can get a virus after you try to download a movie directly from their websites. Still, most users are able to do it using VPN technology.


How to watch movies online legally

If you are keen to download a movie in the legal way, then there are so many alternatives available.

For example, you can make use of so many online streaming platforms that include Netflix, Hotstar, Bigflix, Zee5, and more.

Shahid Kapoor



After all these online platforms gained popularity, they started looking for targeting other mode of entertainment that include some regional language films like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bollywood and more.

Along with all kinds of movies that we just discussed above, you may also share TV show, sports news, etc.

Here, you first need to subscribe to them by paying a small amount to access all the content. Like many leading brands have started to own both website app and mobile app.

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