Pankaj Kapur Turns Author With Debut Novel Titled Dopehri

Pankaj kapur

The audience of Pankaj Kapur will now witness another facet of his life. The award winning Bollywood actor and producer has penned a novel titled Dopehri. It’s scheduled for release by the next month.

The novel is already set in Lucknow and will be released in English and Hindi languages simultaneously. It’s known to be published by none other than HarperCollins India.


Pankaj kapur


In the past, we have witnessed Pankaj Kapur doing a variety of characters. He has all the passion to perform in whatever role he is assigned to.

He has done numerous films and TV shows in the past. Along with that, he’s also connected to various comedy shows as well.

After performing in different dimensions altogether, the great Bollywood producer and actor has decided to publish his debut novel titled Dopehri that he has performed so many times on stage.

Before moving on, let’s give you an insight of what Dopehri is all about.

As per the publisher, it’s going to be a heart touching story which is full of wry humor and great charm. The novel depicts a story that readers are going to fall in love with.

The plot revolves around an old lady ‘Amma Bi’ who lives in her Lucknow accommodation that looks quite deserted as if nobody comes there for sure.

What looks quite shocking is that Amma Bi feels like someone comes there precisely at 3 o’clock in the afternoon as she hears the sound of unknown footsteps on a daily basis. But the fact is that no one is there.

Now, this is the exactly when Amma Bi starts getting panic after hearing those unknown sound on a daily basis.

In order to divert her mind, she considers residing in an old age home, before she finally thinks of taking in a lodger-a nice looking young woman named Sabiha.


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This is precisely when Amma Bi is able to divert her mind, especially in the presence of Sabiha as her arrival in her life tends to fill her lonely world with laughter and love!

You might have known by now that the novel titled Dopehri is basically set in the most traditional ways in the streets of Lucknow, India.

The story is all about an old lady and depicts the story of her transformation from a deserted and lonely life to full of laughter and excitement.

This is what Pankaj Kapur has to say about this, “I’ve already performed it on stage previously and hope that readers love to read it as they have loved my on stage presentations”.


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