Malayalam Movies Remake In Tamil- Director John Mahendran Approached for Tamil Remake of Malayalam Movie ‘Joseph’


These days, Malayalam movies are getting all the recognition they deserve. This can be seen via some stories bulging out in the middle.

Although, there are various Malayalam movies that people still want to watch and share, we are going to discuss about one such super hit Malayalam movie titled Jospeh.

As per the latest report on this, the Malayalam movie is soon going to have its remake in Tamil language. Well, don’t you think it is quite overwhelming for the industry?


The latest buzz is that Tamil movies director John Mahendran has been approached for the Tamil remake of Joseph.

Please note that Joseph happens to be a Malayalam movie that received all the name and fame after it hit theatres on November 16, 2018 starring Joju George, Dileesh Pothan, Athmiya Rajan, Malavika Menon and Madhuri Braganza in their pivotal roles.


Malayalam Movies Remake in Tamil- Director John Mahendran Approached for Tamil Remake of Malayalam Movie ‘Joseph’

As per the reports pouring in from the industry insiders, film maker Bala has already got the Tamil remake rights of the Malayalam movie Joseph.

In the Tamil version, it’s been speculated that RK Suresh will be playing the lead role that was originally played by Joju George.

As per the current update, Tamil version of the Malayalam movie Joseph will be directed by none other than M Padmakumar, who is known to have helmed the original version of Joseph.

Tamil movies director John Mahendran who contributed immensely in one of the super hit Tamil movies starring Vijay has now been approached for the proposed remake.

John Mahendran is an established player in the Tamil film industry. He happens to be the son of veteran film maker Mahendran who made his directorial debut from one of the Tamil movies titled Sachein.

It was a romantic comedy that garnered loads of positive response from the audience as well as critics. It starred Vijay in the lead role.

Right after making the super hit film Sachein, John Mahendran has since been involved in writing dialogues and screenplays for various Tamil films. The director is known to have last penned for a film titled Kashmora.

As per the latest buzz, John Mahendran took to his social media account to confirm that he is indeed to be a part of the Tamil remake of Joseph.

He also posted that he is feeling very happy at the moment to collaborate with the director M Padmakumar.

As per the current update, it has been revealed that the Tamil remake of Joseph will look very similar to its original version where the remake will showcase the backdrop of a hill station.

If the present lockdown due to COVID-19 ends by this month end, then it is expected that the film will start rolling without any further delay.


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