Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 Casts, Trailer and More

love and hip hop atlanta season 7

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7- Love and Hip Hop happens to be one of the most spectacular television series in America that was first premiered on March 19, 2018 on VH1. The television show was first screened in Georgia, Atlanta.


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It was exclusively produced for VH1 by Stephanie R. Gayle and Mona Scott-Young, Stefan Springman,

David DiGangi, Donna Edge-Rachell and Lashan Browning. The post comprises  Love and Hip Hop Season 7 insights and much more.


love and hip hop atlanta season 7
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The television series has become one of the favourites of American people and chronicles the lives of a plethora of men and women who live in the Atlanta area, and are specifically involved in the world of hip hop music.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 production was first started in late October 2017. A few days prior to  the reality show could begin, Jhonni Blaze (singer) who earlier featured on some other reality shows like  Love & Hip Hop New York chose to expose a plethora of story-lines that was supposed to be premiered during the subsequent episodes.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 Production


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 Production– Blaze was able to expose them via Instagram videos, that was criticised later in public. The exposed story-line videos basically included Kirk and Rasheeda’s fabricated baby story-line.

It also highlighted the most popular sexual tryst between Shauna Books (transgender model) and Stevie J’s.

It’s speculated that Blaze was about to join the leading star cast and was about to serve as the new artist for Stevie. He was about to serve as a replacement for one of the members named Joseline Hernandez.

However, things entirely changed after the later fell out with none other than producers, especially after her rival and the co-star of Love and Hip Hop Houston- Just Brittany was featured.

Again, the shooting for the television reality show was interrupted on December 11, 2017 after a security guard in Buckhead was run down allegedly by a customer.

The show again surrounded with more headlines when it was reported that one of the cast members Tommie Lee entered the sets with loaded gun. It all happened during one or more heated confrontation with another cast member Karen King.


love and hip hop atlanta season 7
love and hip hop atlanta season 7 | Image Credit: Samore Love


It further developed some more controversies when it came to highlight that Tommie actually ran into a set of legal issues. The charges were framed against him. He actually attacked one of the jewellery store personals.

It was only on February 16, 2018 when it was announced by VH1 that their premiered show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 7would soon be returning for 7th season. They announced the date that was March 19, 2018. They soon revealed the arrival of Errica to Atlanta.

The season 7 of the television series also witnessed how Jessica Dime was promoted to the main cast. She was consciously working as a supporting cast member in the earlier seasons.

They revealed the list of new cast members for the 7th season that included Sean Garrett, Shawne Williams, Keely and Tokyo Vanity.

K. Botchey and Tabius Tate were not initially included in the original list of star casts but also appeared in their supporting roles.

Erica Dixon returned as one of the supporting casts. In the same ways, Rich Dollaz made a special appearance in the show. She last appeared in Love and Hip Hop- New York.


VH1 released the trailer of the show

After a short span of time, VHI released a teaser that came with a headline- “The game has changed”. It featured a number of members that included Mimi Faust, Rasheeda, Stevie J and Karlie Redd. Just around the release of the show, a short trailer was released to the audience.



It was followed by the introduction of new cast members that included Tokyo Vanity, Erica Mena, Estelita Quintero and BK Brasco. The season’s first episode was finally released on  March 13, 2018 by VH1.


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 lead cast- Please take a look at the leading cast of the famous television series.

Karlie Redd


Tommie Lee

Stevie J

Karlie Redd

Mimi Faust


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 7 Episode 1



Name of the show–       Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode 1

Release date:                 19 March 2018

Season number:            7

Next episode:               Oh Baby


love and hip hop atlanta season 7 episode 1 shows how Rasheeda and Kirk deal with their DNA test (conducted earlier) results.

In another scene, Estelita clashes with Stevie and becomes successful in replacing her with a new face in the A causes.