Lohri 2022: Best Hairstyle to Try With A Traditional Salwar Suit This Lohri

Long Baid hairstyle on Lohri 2022
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Lohri 2022: On the occasion of Lohri, what can be the best hair style that you may try? Well, there are loads of hairstyles to try but you should try the one that gives you a fabulous traditional look.

On the auspicious occasion of Lohri, you might be looking to grab the attention of your guests. Well, the festival is gaining huge popularity globally and you might be thinking to arrange a secial party with your near and dear ones.

Now, in order to make you look appealing, there are loads of things out there. But there is no need to get confused about the hairstyle that you choose to pick along with Punjabi suit, salwar kameez, etc.


Lohri 2022: Best Hairstyle to Try This Lohri

In general, there are loads of hairstyle options available for you to adopt on this Lohri. All these options are worth to try on western outfits, sari or lehenga.

But when it comes out to adopt something on Punjabi suits, there are not many. In this article, we are here to let you know about any such hairstyle that you consider with your Punjabi dress. The look will help you look glamorous and equally matching with your traditional outfit.

Have a look at some of the cute and mesmerizing hairstyles that you may think of adopting this Lohri.

Long Braid

The above hairstyle will give you a complete traditional look. In order to get this one, you need to make a long ponytail and the make use of paranda.

In case, your hairs are short, you may try using hair extension. Please note that the above hairstyle will look great only if your braid goes till your knees.

Low Bun

In order to give yourself a nice and traditional look, you can try a low bun hairstyle.

You only need to back your hair and create a bun at the bottom. You can also try using hairspray for a neat and clean look.


Front Braid Hairstyle

The above hairstyle will look perfect along with a Punjabi suit. This look will give you a stylish look as well.

These days, most Bollywood actresses are seen adopting this hairstyle, especially with Punjabi suit.

Messy Top Knot

To look traditional and sexy, you can also adopt a messy top knot hairstyle. The above hairstyle will give you a casual look that will equally look appealing as well. Like the above, this hairstyle is also seen carrying by renowned Bollywood actresses.

Beach Waves Hairstyle

This hairstyle will suit you best if you have done highlighting in your hair. In order to have this one, simply curl your hairs from the bottom and make them look weavy.

You may need to use a clip to fold the top hair and make a crisscross. Next, try to leave your hairs open at he back. We suggest you try this hairstyle with a Punjabi suit.


Rope-Bread Ponytail

Rope braid ponytail will equally suit you best with a Punjabi suit. This will give you an entirely different look.

The best part here is that the above hairstyle will take only five minutes to get ready. In order to make this hairstyle, you just need to create a ponytail and then twist your hair.

In case, you have long hairs, Rope-Bread Ponytail is definitely going to give you a special traditional look this Lohri.


We wish you a happy Lohri 2022!





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