Latest Bollywood News June 4- Salman Khan Finally Reveals the Reason of Not Getting Married

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As per the latest Bollywood news June 4, Salman Khan finally revealed his real reason why he is not getting married.


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If you have a look, Salman is a busy man as he can be seen running from the pillar to the post to promote Bharat which is now going to release today.


Movie Name:                              Bharat
Genre:                                            Action, Drama
Released Date:                           Eid, 2019
Directed By:                                Ali Abbas Zafar
Producer:                                     Salman Khan
Casts:                                             Salman Khan, Tabu, Sunil Grover, Katrina Kaif


He is roaming at most of the places to promote Bharat along with Katrina Kaif whom he trusts more than anything else.

In the past, Salman was asked so many different questions about life and relationships. But most of the times, he leaves them all without paying much attention to them.

And it looks like these questions have no significant relevance in his life. But this time, someone from the media desk asked a similar question about his planning to get married.

As per the latest Bollywood news June 4, the superstar revealed a plenty of candid responses both from his professional life and relationships.

A day before the release of his film, he planned to have a grand premiere of Bharat where a plenty of Bollywood stars attended the mega event.

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Salman Khan is in no mood to marry

On one hand, he is being criticized (in some ways) of his agitation after Priyanka Chopra left his film Bharat in the middle, on the other hand, he is being much appreciated for his on and off screen chemistry with queen of Bollywood Katrina Kaif.

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This is because the system of marriage has become outdated (according to him). Instead of marriage, you can find companionship that is even better than marriage.

Now, this signifies that he will not get married at all in the time to come as everybody was expecting this from Salman.

In the past, the Bollywood star gave a few hints about his marriage. But this time, he has come very true sharing all that he believes and thinks.

Now, as far as the professional journey of the mega star is concerned, he is busy promoting Bharat and expects that it performs well at the box office.


Salman Khan will now shoot for Dabangg 3 

As per the latest Bollywood news June 5, Salman Khan will start shooting for his upcoming film Dabangg 3 soon after Bharat hits screens.

As per the latest reports pouring in this regard, the star actor has a number of projects in hand. For example, he will shoot for Inshallah. After that, he will go with the remake of Korean movie Veteran.