Keanu Reeves Feels ‘cherished’ working on ‘Toy Story 4’

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Hollywood superstar Keanu Reeves who is mostly featured in action films recently interacted with media personal to say that he simply cherished working on Toy Story 4. The actor revealed that working in this film was like a dream for him.

Notably, you will mostly find Keanu Reeves movies as action flicks just like some well known memorable action thrillers like The Matrix and Speed.

The actor performed in the film as the voice of the character named Duke Caboom.

Please note that ‘Toy Story 4’ happens to be an animated film that has a number of similarities with Reeves. One of them includes being Canadian along with being in love for bikes.

“Toy Story” franchise has a number of new additions including the casting of Duke Caboom. When Reeves was asked to comment on this, he said, Caboom is a daredevil with a good heart.

‘Toy Story 4’ happens to be an animated film that has the voices of some other Hollywood celebrities like Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

This s what Keanu Reeves has to say about his overall experience to be a part of the film, “I cherished it and it was a great experience. I have always hoped that regardless of genre or the world creation that I was part of…stories that could also entertain and you could also have some kind of nourishment from the story telling that when you leave the theatre, you have something to talk about and think about. Something that could give back to us and I think that Duke Caboom and ”Toy story 4” does that,” he stated.

Reeves further added, “Caboom is full of love and he is a showman. He wants to entertain people and he wants to take risk for people, he just wants to entertain,” he stated about his role in the film. The film will shortly air on Star Movies as well.


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