Kartik Aaryan Dedicates His New Series ‘Koki Poochega’ to Coronavirus Warriors

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In the presence of ongoing COVID-19 crisis, you might have witnessed many Bollywood celebrities, politicians, sport personals and others who have always advocated about defeating the coronavirus by various means.

Not only they have contributed as per their own ways, they are still doing a lot to the society to curb the Covid-19 pandemic.

By following their footprints, many other people have come forward to contribute by their own means.

Recently, PM urged people to contribute in the PM relief fund organised by him. Hundreds of people have contributed into that fund as per their own capacity.


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Talking about one such celebrity who has taken yet another initiative to curb the menace of Covid-19 is none other than Kartik Aaryan.

As per the latest Bollywood news, film actor Kartik Aaryan has taken a new initiative where he has decided to unleash Koki Poochega.

In this series, the actor will interview the great warriors who defeated coronavirus with their self determination and courage. amilrockers

Recently, Kartik Aaryan has initiated a series on his YouTube channel by the name Koki Poochega which is another name of Kartik that has been given to him by his fans on social media.

In this YouTube series which is going to be started by the actor himself, he will be taking interviews of all the warriors of coronavirus whether they are health workers, social workers, policemen and others who have won their fight in defeating the dreaded coronavirus.

In this show, the actor will also be unleashing the myths related to the Covid-19 pandemic by speaking to all the survivors.

When one of the media personnel asked Katik Aaryan about his new series, this is what he said, “Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, there is too much of misinformation about the virus, masses are still confused about the dos’ and donts’ during these critical times. I really thought there needs to be clarity and speak to the people who have fought the virus. And it’s not just about putting forward questions about Coronavirus, it’s also for people to learn and understand how to kick out this virus – Not to panic, how to stay calm and how to strongly face these times. While the doctors, policemen and everyone serving our country are working day and night for us, as an actor I thought, this is the smallest thing I can do through this large medium. My show is nothing but to speak to every Indian, reach out to every household nationwide through these interviewees about safety and what are the right precautions at these times.” Tamilrockers

At the same time, Bollywood actor has urged people to follow all the instructions of the government and don’t move outside their homes without an urgency. This is the only way to curb the coronavirus pandemic.


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