Karan Johar Shares A Picture With SRK After Aryan Khan Grants Bail

karan johar

When Aryan Khan was granted bail from the Bombay High Court, it was Karan Johar who shared a picture with Shah Rukh Khan to express his triumph.


Karan Johar looked jubilant after the news of Aryan Khan getting the bail came out. Johar is like a family friend to SRK and he couldn’t resist himself sharing his triumph.

Not only that, the entire social media was flooded with various posts and messages after SRK’s son was granted bail in the drugs case.

Karan Johar shared an Instagram picture with Shah Rukh Khan via his Instagram stories. The picture witnessed an emotional SRK with Johar. They can be seen hugging each other in the picture.

There were several celebrities including Karan Johar who rushed to the SRK’s house after his son was granted bail from the court. In the past too, we have seen several pictures of SRK with Karan Johar.

Now, Aryan will be released from the jail by today after a copy of the bail order arrives.

If not today, he will be released by Saturday. The detailed decision from the Bombay High Court is still to be received. It’s only then, they will be freed from the jail.

Aryan, among others was arrested on October 3 from a cruise ship where a rave party was organized. Aryan was nabbed by NCB from the cruise after he was found involved in the consumption and procurement of drugs.


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