Kapil Dev Biopic- Kabir Khan to Direct An Unforgettable Story of Our Cricket Legend

Kapil Dev biopic

Kabir Khan has decided to direct Kapil Dev biopic in his own style that is going to be worth a watch.

In the recent turn of events, Ranveer Singh and director Kabir Khan have announced to work together in their upcoming project that led India to victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup. The event became memorable in the presence of Kapil Dev, Ranveer Singh and Kabir Khan.

Kapil Dev biopic
Kapil Dev biopic | Ranveer Singh | Image Credit: KoiMoi

Kabir Khan has already announced to make a biopic of the great cricketer that will star Ranveer Singh in the lead role. The movie will be based on the profound memories of the 1983 cricket world cup when our team snatched victory from the jaws of nervousness and low self esteem; and eventually became the world champions. This was all done under the stewardship of India Captain Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev biopic- The upcoming film is yet to get a title

When asked for details of Kapil Dev biopic from the director Kabir Khan, he chose to unearth the details of his ongoing project and also expressed his excitement towards their upcoming film. He said the movie was going to be a stupendous responsibility on his shoulders. However, he still ddn’t reveal the title for the upcoming film.

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He further said “This happens to be a special moment in my life which comes only once in your lifetime. It’s such a story that can never be forgotten. This is the moment that I can feel when every pore of my body looks desperate to narrate the story. It’s such a great responsibility. I also want to make my loving son feel proud of this team as I myself did the same then being a school boy.”

Kapil Dev biopic
Kapil Dev biopic | Image Credit: The Indian Express

Kabir Khan also narrated those special moments that he can’t forget. He disclosed how he relished the victory of Indian team in the year 1983.

He said “As a young boy, I was watching the match but at that time didn’t bother to relate it with the implications of this emphatic win. Also, I could not realize how the game of cricket was going to completely change afterwards. It was the day in 1983 when all those young players were paid almost 16 pounds a day (as their daily allowance) in London. But now, the game has completely changed as you can see that today 16,000 crore are being paid only for television rights. That’s exactly what these people actually did.”

Well, the event today looked special as all the original team members of 1983 world cup team were present. All of them chose to share an anecdote from that day. The Kapil Dev biopic will cast Ranveer Singh in the lead role. The Padmavati actor almost shocked and surprised when he narrated the entire story.

Kapil Dev biopic
Kapil Dev biopic | Image Credit: Daily Sun

Ranveer further said “I’m fortunate to have born into a time when the game of cricket was regarded as the number one sport in the country. Well, it was a huge thing for me as I never knew the actual story. But when Kabir Khan narrated me the entire story and also that he is making a Kapil Dev biopic on 1983, I felt exhilerated and thought to be a moment of great sports story is being portrayed onto the screens.”

Discussing further on the Kapil Dev biopic, Ranveer also disclosed how he got completely surprised and shocked after Kabir Khan narrated the story. Well, it was never a surprise to learn all those things against which our players had to struggle. This is a great human story more than anything else. He said.

The makers of Kapil Dev Biopic invited for a special event

The makers chose to organize the special moment of upcoming Kapil Dev biopic where Ranveer Singh is going to appear in the lead role. The invitees were all gathered who were none other than the heroes of the 1983 triumph. The event was held with much passion on September 27, 2017 and was designed especially for that special moment.


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