Kal Penn Comes Out As Gay, Actor Confirms His Engagement to His Partner Josh

kal penn

Kal Penn, an American actor with Indian roots has come out as gay just ahead of the release of his new book titled ‘You Can’t Be Serious’. The time when the above disclosure happened came right after America’s global acceptance of the rights of LGBTQ community which has won as many representations under the Joe Biden administration.

The actor earlier famed as Designated Survivor, House and some other movies and TV shows came as a surprise after he officially made an announcement about his engagement with Josh, a long time partner of Kal Penn. He has been dating with Josh for the last 11 years.

Kal Penn was once known as one of the most eligible Indian-American bachelor. In his recent interview that he gave regarding his upcoming book, he chose to open up about his sexuality.

The actor is slated to have realized his sexuality quite late as compared to other people. But he has no regrets and feels glad about it.

During the interview, Kal also opened up about his engagement with his long time partner Josh after dating him for over 10 years.

Kal Penn On His Engagement With Long Time Partner Josh

Kal and Josh dated for more than 11 years and they are now about to start a new life after getting married. Bur prior to that, they have to go through their engagement. Fans can get to know more about his life in his upcoming book. It’s because the actor has shared all the recent updates about his relationship in his upcoming book You Can’t Be Serious’.

One interesting fact that people liked to ask from Pen was about how he decided to make his engagement public. To this, Kal revealed that he has always been public with anyone whom he interacted with.

On the other hand, there is a complete silence from his partner’s side. It’s may be due to the fact that they like to remain quiet and out of the limelight. And this gave him the courage to do both and also to be honest with his upcoming book and also to his family members.

The actor further revealed why the topic of his upcoming book is very close to his heart. He gave the reason by saying he wanted the book to be authentic and also because of the reason people could know more about him.

The book unleashes the moments of his first date with Josh. Penn disclosed that he came to know about Josh at the time of his work at White House during the Obama administration.

He also revealed how his first date with his fiancé happened at his home that included an 18-pack of Coors light and watching NASCAR on TV. Kal Penn’s book is going to be released on November 2.


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