Josh Lucas Joins Patricia Clarkson in Political Thriller ‘Lilly’

Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas will feature in a political drama ‘Lilly’ opposite Patricia Clarkson. It will be released in October.


Josh Lucas who featured in a memorable film Ford v. Ferrari (2019) is keen to star in a political thriller titled ‘Lilly’ opposite Patricia Clarkson that will be directed by Rachel Feldman.

The film which is going to be a political thriller depicts the life of Lilly Ledbetter from Alabama. She’s the same girl on which President Barack Obama named his first legislation as The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act of 2009.

The film also stars Thomas Sadoski. The audience will watch a different story that will revolve around a number of psychological woes that come along while going in the path of justice.

The social justice drama is all about the love life of Lilly (Clarkson) and her husband Charles (Lucas)

It will feature Sadoski playing the role of Jon Goldfarb who’s the attorney from Birmingham and credited to have investigated Ledbetter’s legal battles.

The script of this social justice drama is written by Adam Prince. And the film’s production is likely to commence from October.

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