Is Kahani 2 Capable Enough to Slash the Trend of Sequel Jinx at Box Office?

vidya balan in Kahani 2 poster

Kahani 2‘ is yet another Bollywood thriller featuring Arjun Rampal opposite Vidya Balan.

As the film unveiled at silver screens on December 2, 2016, there was much anticipation among filmmakers that if the movie is going to break the trend of sequel jinx at the box office.

Albeit, Kahani 2 is getting much appreciation from the viewers, it’s too early to predict anything as of now. However, the trends are narrating a different story altogether.

Before we analyze the performance of Kahani 2, let’s have a quick recap (in general) about a few sequels produced in the recent past. Some of them include ‘Force 2’, ‘Rock On 2’ and ‘Tum Bin 2’.

All these sequels could not perform at the box office as expected.

The reasons are still unknown as the filmmakers primarily blame it to the ongoing drive of demonetization.

Some of them don’t even find them engaging to attract the general masses. However, some other reasons include the development of a general disinterest towards these sequels.


Considering all this, a plethora of trade analysts believed that Kahani 2 (released this Friday) is going to hit right on the minds and souls of the audience targeted. To some extent, they proved right.

It seems the film is going to achieve the target as it has already collected a whopping Rs. 16.97 crore on the first weekend itself.

But the major question still creating ripples in minds is the film’s success over recently produced sequels that failed to leave an impact at the box office.

Will it overpower other sequels that couldn’t perform as expected? Well, we are not able to answer this as time will only tell how things progress.

Kahani 2 will take some more time to settle down

Now, if we take into account what Taran Adarsh (trade analyst) has to say on this, it’s worth to mention that he looks quite emphatic over the performance of the film so far.

Taran says ‘Kahani 2’ till now is able to break the jinx of sequels to a certain extent.

As you can see, people (post demonetization) are no longer willing to spend anything on entertainment. But some normalcy was returned after the screening of ‘Dear Zindagi’ that was released on November 25, 2016.

So, we can predict the business to come back on track after the release of Aamir Khan’s Dangal.


Amod Mehra, another guy, who’s known as a box office analyst doesn’t believe as what Taran Adarsh thinks. He says Kahani 2 is no different than the other sequels recently produced.

The film, in fact, didn’t live up to our expectations. As you can see the opening was not so good, but there was a slight recovery only at the weekends.

The prime reason can be the audience comparing the film to what’s shown in the first part.

Another guy by the name Amul Mohan says it’s too early to come to any conclusion.

He says that he doesn’t want to jump the gun but like to wait for some more time to see the performance of the film.

Like, we earlier mentioned, demonetization has badly affected the business, but still the fingers are crossed.

Box Office Collections so far-

‘Tum Bin 2- Rs. 2.50 Crore
‘Rock On 2’- Rs. 7.01 Crore
‘Force 2- Rs. 20 Crore