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In one of the recent updates, Hollywood star George Clooney has admitted that he was not up to the mark in the 1997 released superhero movie titled Batman & Robin.

This is what he has to say, “I was bad in it. It’s a bad film. But I was also being held responsible for it, in a weird way. Then I realized if you’re gonna be Batman in ‘Batman & Robin’, you’re gonna be held responsible. Which never occurred to me,” he added.

He still feels to be an actor getting apart. Have a look at what heshares, From that moment on, “I was like, ‘I have to pick the script, not the part’. So the next script I did was ‘Out Of Sight’ and the next I did was ‘Three Kings’. After that, ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’,” he shared.

“Everybody would say that ‘Batman’ was not the best. But the good news for me was I was able to take that as a lesson, as opposed to a career-ended,” Clooney added.

He still remembers the making of the film right on the sets when nobody actually enjoyed making the film because everybody was having such a tough time.

“I did not enjoy that experience. I love (director) Joel Schumacher, love the actors. But everybody was having a tough time. There was a lot of tension. It took, like, eight months to shoot,” he said.

He further added, “I was doing ‘ER’ while I was doing it – four days a week on ‘Batman’, three days a week on ‘ER’. Seven days a week. That one was just a slog,” Clooney added.

He now thinks that there were so many problems with the film, to be precise. “But, you know, one of the problems was that I wasn’t very good in it. Fair enough! I can’t point fingers at everybody else and not point fingers at myself,” he added.


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