Firangi Box Office Collection Day 5- Kapil Sharma Movie Earns Rs 85 Lacs on Tuesday

Firangi box office collection day 5

Before we update you with Firangi box office collection day 5, let’s take a look at how the film is progressing till date.

We all know Kapil Sharma doing explosive comedy all the time. But now, the comedian has turned into a star. His new flick ‘Firangi’ is doing satisfactory business at the box office. But still, the results don’t seem to be much overwhelming as it was expected.

Firangi box office collection day 5
Firangi box office collection day 5 | Image Credit: YouTube

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Till date, the newly released movie has received almost a lukewarm response and managed to rake in as much as Rs 85 lacs on Tuesday (December 5, 2017). The content in the film looks quite unique but the film has managed to collect an overall Rs 8.15 Crore at the box office. This was revealed from a report published in

Movie Name:               Firangi
Genre:                              Period Drama
Release Date:                December 1, 2017
Directed By:                  Rajjev Dhingra
Produced By:                  Kapil Sharma
Casts:                                Ishita Dutta, Kapil Sharma, Inaamulhaq, Monica Gill

Now, as per the reports being published in the media, Kapil Sharma may have made his much needed peace with his colleague and fellow comedian Sunil Grover, it looks like there has been no brushing away of their infamous conflict. But whatever the case, they should move ahead in their lives now.

Firangi Box Office Collection Day 5
Firangi Box Office Collection Day 5 | Image Credit: YouTube

In fact, a plethora of reports kept flowing in the media regarding the promotion of Firangi. As per one such report, the comedian was once asked if the recent controversies would be affecting the overall box-office collection of the movie.

Firangi box office collection day 5- The movie really needs to gear up to perform well at the box office

Kapil turned down all such speculation and said that controversies have now become a part of life and everybody is seen facing them for one reason or the other. So, it won’t affect the box office collection at all.

One of the film critics from Indian Express, Shubhra Gupta has given the film only two stars and termed it ‘mildly engaging film’. You might be wondering about the main issue with the film. Well, we must tell you that the film although is backed by some good performances from Monica Gill and Ishita Dutta but the main concern with this period drama is due to its length.

Firangi box office collection day 5 | Image Credit:Firstpost

This is what Shubhra reveals “the film goes on and on. After it takes off, all seems fine but then it slows down a bit and eventually begins to grate even after the hero appears by showing his desi proud roots”.

Another reason why the big ticket movie is not being much appreciated is due to is loosly bound content. So, the Kapil Sharma starrer has become yet another flick looking to find some space to grow.

If we try to analyze the performance of Firangi at the box office, it has been revealed that it had a slow start (as expected) and collected Rs 1.75 crores on the opening day. But it looks quite disheartening by looking at the number of Kapil Sharma fans. And this is where the figures look quite illogical.

Trade analyst Girish Johar tweets “one of the reasons why the film could not perform well at the box office seems in the promotional and marketing strategies as undertaken by the makers”.

He further noted that the teasers, trailers and even the music almost failed to make a mark. That’s why the audience doesn’t look interested to spend their money to go and watch this movie.

Firangi stars Monica Gill, Ishita Dutta, Inaamulhaq and Kumud Mishra, helmed by Rajiev hingra.