Farhan Akhtar Hopes Zaira Wasim Reconsider Her Decision Over Quitting Bollywood

Farhan akhtar and zaira wasim

Ever since Zaira Wasim had decided to quit Bollywood, a number of controversies started emerging. But the fact is that she took the decision without any pressure and we should all respect that.

At the same time, nobody likes her to leave the industry as she is a highly talented actress as we have all seen her on the big screen performing.

Out of many celebrities who don’t like Zaira Wasim say goodbye to the industry, Farhan Akhtar recently came forward and hoped that the actress reconsider her decision and changes her mind.


Farhan akhtar and zaira wasim


Farhan says that every individual has a right to take his own decision along with whatever he likes to do in his own life. He still wishes her to change her mind on the decision that she has made.

You might remember Zaira had announced earlier (through her social media post after she performed in The Sky is Pink) that she won’t be doing any more films in the future.

In that film Farhan had played the role of her father that proved one of the most remarkable moments in the film.

Farhan was speaking to one of the media houses in Mumbai where he said, “Every person has his own right to take the right decision at the right point of time and we are no one to comment on the decision. But for those who have worked with her, I think and hope that she changes her mind.”

Zaira had earlier realized that her relationship with her religion was threatened in some way and also the fact that she was not truly happy with her the kind of work that she has. She also said that it’s her work that keeps deflecting her from her religion.