Drake Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career & Physique

Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth, Biography, Family, Career & Physique: In this post, you will go through Drake net worth, biography and some more statistics.

Drake is better known as Aubrey Drake Graham who’s a Canadian entrepreneur, actor, producer, songwriter and singer who once starred in a television series titled Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001–2007).

After managing to get an early recognition through his fabulous work, he never looked back and continued to produce his best in the world of music.


Drake Early Life

The full name of Drake is Aubrey Drake Graham who was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario. His father named Dennis Graham practices Catholic.

He’s African American and hails from Memphis, Tennessee. He always had a passion in the world of music. He chose the profession of a drummer and has even performed along side country musician Jerry Lee Lewis.

His mother Sandra “Sandi” Graham hails from Canada who is known to have worked as an English teacher and florist. Drake had to face a setback in his life when he was five years old. At this time, his parents divorced and he started living with his mother in Toronto.


Drake Net Worth

As per the data collected by Forbes in 2019, Drake has been living with an estimated fortune of $150 million. Not only that, his salary ranges somewhere between $ 350,000 to $ 600,000.

As per People With Money magazine, Drake is one of the most successful singers of 2018. The magazine reported his net worth ranging up to $ 46 million between August 2013 to August 2018.


Drake Career

Drake is a versatile singer who has performed on hip hop music while being on Degrassi. You won’t believe that he was successful in selling over 6000 copies of his first mixtape titled Room for Improvement.

The mixtape originally featured Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz. It also included the involvement of vast production from Canadian producers named Frank Dukes and Boi-1da.

When Drake was asked to comment on the mixtape, he told it to be a pretty straightforward.


Drake Physique

Drake’s weight is 89lbs (196 kg) and his height is 6 Feet (1.83 m). Drake has a waist size of 34 and chest size of 44. He has a bicep size of 16 inches. He has brown eyes with black hair.


Drake Family

As we mentioned earlier, Drake has a musician father who’s known to be a famous drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis. Drake met his father after he got a chance to witness his performance at Toronto’s Bluenote Club.

After the divorce, Drake’s father is known to have moved to Memphis. He was even incarnated on severe drug charges. His parents divorced when he was 5 years old. And since then, he had to live with his mother in Toronto.

On the other hand, Dennis chose to live in the United States due to his own financial and legal issues.

Between the years 2009 and 2016, Drake has expressed his relation with Rihanna in a plethora of his songs. He’s known to have been into a relationship with Sophie Brussaux with whom he had a child named Adonis who’s born on October 11, 2017.


Drake Criticism

There have been reports about some spat between Pusha T and Drake. One of the relatives of Drake is known to have injured Chris Brown with a bottle. It all happened during a fight between both the rappers and Rihanna’s ex in a New York club.

It was on July 16, 2014 when ESPY Awards were announced that featured both Drake and Chris Brown together. But now, it looked like their past conflict has been resolved.

Further in his life, Meek Mill accused Drake of using ghostwriters (those musicians who secretly write lyrics for unknown artists for money). She exposed him via a series of his tweets. And this resulted in a bitter conflict between Mill and Drake.

Further down the line, Drake responded to Mill on July 30 with a more aggressive track titled “Back To Back,” through which he criticized Mill. Soon, the rapper chose to respond with his song titled “Wanna Know.”.

This was the time when the rapper was finally overwhelmed by all the criticism he had to face from his fans. But they were unaware that Mill had already begun the very confrontation without any sort of rapping.


Drake Songs 2021

Drake is a very popular name in the world of music. In this section, we bring you some of the Drake songs recorded in 2021. We’re quite sure that you enjoy listening to the tracks.



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