‘Deepwater Horizon’- Real Time Disaster Movie Squanders All Of Its Assets

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Deepwater Horizon” narrates a tale of horrifying, but real life tragedy in this Hollywood disaster movie.

Directed by Peter Berg, the film relates to the year 2010 when a deep-water drilling rig owned by Trans ocean Inc., exploded all the way in the silent gulf of Mexico region.

It not only killed 11 people on board, but also affected the entire region and causing environmental catastrophe.

The tragedy wreaked havoc everything and witnessed an unexplained torture of events.

Berg is successful developing the entire episode of trauma and disaster to its requisite gravity.

He should be given a credit after presenting the real face of happenings by showing how things go boom when the oil and mud start spraying together; and the horrifying moment where dead bodies start flying!

The disaster movie has a long star cast of Kurt Russell (as Jimmy Harrell), “Mark Wahlberg” (as Mike Williams), “John Malkovich” (as Vidrine), Kate Hudson (as Felicia Williams) and many others.

It screens the horrific and terrible voice of Mike Williams, who’s the electrician on the giant eponymous oil drilling rig that exploded off the entire coast of Louisiana on that fateful day in the year 2010.

All this happened in quick succession and finally unleashing billions of gallons of crude oil in the entire Mexico gulf region.


Genre:                          Drama, Action & Adventure
Directed By:                Peter Berg
Written By:                 Matthew Sand, Matthew Michael Carnahan
Released Date:           Sep 30, 2016 worldwide
Studio:                          Lionsgate
Duration:                     99 minutes

Everything goes smooth in this disaster movie before the moment of mischance

Deepwater Horizon” is another name of the real courage performed by “Peter Berg” by capturing everything in this disaster movie (to be screened on September 30, 2016).

However, the film is no exception, if compared to other such disaster movies.

It kicks off to a plethora of pointed omens, as all the crew members plan to move ahead after spending quality time back home.

There seems a lot of flabbergasting conversations among each one of them.

For example, Mike Williams, who works as a chief electrician, shows his daughter as how the rig-work gets disrupted using a coke-can and spewing foam everywhere in the kitchen and adjoining areas.

Andrea Fleytas’ (Gina Rodriguez) who is the deputy positioning officer straight away heads to work. But the crew manager Jimmy Harrell (Kurt Russell) is more of a kind of superstitious man.

He tries to admonish a visiting executive for wearing a magenta colored tie as this happens to be the same color to indicate the alarm on the rig.

The huge rig is steadily moving to almost 40 miles off the sea-coast of Louisiana. It’s quite massive and ageing beast, but now riddled with some major defects (malfunctioning) and under performing of air conditioners and toilets.

On the other hand, as per the course of events taking place, (as shown in this Hollywood disaster movie) no BP executive seems interested fixing everything on the deck.

This is because of its already falling 44 days behind its original schedule along with going $53 million over budget. There seem so many mistakes that they commit while running the rig as per the fixed time and schedule.

The last thing that can be expected as Berg tightens the screws on those who are taking things lightly. For example, the tests they run alongside the Calais-off well and making sure it’s properly sealed in all respects.

He himself takes a nod, saying it sounds authentic. However, some other crew members still have different opinions. As per Mr. Jimmy, nothing is perfect whereas Vidrine smugly seems to insist that everything going fine and it’s time to move.


Deep Water Horizon Does Fairly Well at the Box Office

The scene outside is no way different as debris continues to fall from the skies and flock of mud cake birds invade some other nearby ship.

Entire rug looks so mesmerizing and distracting as cleverly filmed in this disaster movie with “Peter Berg” orchestrating all the ongoing chaos with his well praised cinematic glee.

Now, after initial massacre, the clamor of everything that happened on that fateful day finally gives way to nothing less than an eerie and post-apocalyptic atmosphere, as the crew members (wounded and separated) try their best shot to get out everyone off the dying and burning container.

It looks quite weird to observe a gripping orange mist of high pressure gas along with flailing high radiant beams and shards of glass broken everywhere.

Also, it looks horrifying to see all the crew members (who survived) kneel to pray about being alive and on the other side, the whole “Deepwater Horizon” showing in this disaster movie, burning profusely with flames.

After all, the horrific incidents shown in the disaster movie, a sigh of relief for those who are about to be honored as the real warriors.

Right from the start of the film, he makes sure that everything fits in its perfect place.

The film expects its part of solemnity after it nearly comes to an end. By keeping all simple and taut, he makes them real heroes of a dramatic and adventurous disaster movie.