Dear Zindagi Teaser to Get Director’s Consent, Trailer Scrapped

Dear Zindagi teaser
Image Credit: YouTube

By taking the off-route, ‘Dear Zindagi teaser‘ has been approved by the respective filmmakers, scrapping the film’s trailer. The screening of the trailer was scrapped to an indefinite period of time. The decision was taken within last moments before its screening.

A few days back, the much awaited poster of the film, (featuring ‘Shahrukh Khan and Alia Bhatt) was thrown into public.

It seems everything is going into a tussle ever since the film ‘Dear Zindagi’ has come to the limelight. Now, what can be the probable reasons behind this?

Well, it’s been speculated much about ‘Ali Zafar’, (Pakistani actor and singer) who is not going to be a part of the trailer any longer.

This was revealed after a close associate of him confirmed the news (from Pakistan).

The decision was already taken not to work on the ‘film’s trailer’, but to start working on ‘Dear Zindagi teaser’. As per Gauri Shinde, they seem more interested to release a set of teasers (short video series).

When contacted, they revealed the idea of liking it far more than continuing the old and traditional route of working on the trailer.

The film makers of Dear Zindagi are now fully set to showcase small hitting video series. The set of the video series is going to be in the form of Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 and so on. Do you know what is the approach of doing this?

As per the director of the movie, the approach is quite simple which is entirely based on an innovative approach.

All we want is to steadily build the viewer’s interest by inviting them bit by bit to get into the film. The first set of teaser has been already released.

Time will only ascertain the effectiveness of Dear Zindagi teaser to grab the viewer’s attention.

The idea of Dear Zindagi teaser floats in directly from Co-producer, Shahrukh Khan

Gauri Shinde, including the entire star cast of the film appreciated the novel idea to launch ‘Dear Zindagi’ teaser. She was seen crediting SRK for implementing the concept of introducing short series of videos to the public.

She further revealed it was SRK’s suggestion and we all liked the very thought came directly from the co-producer of the movie.

But she said, I want people to watch the movie in theaters to actually have a glimpse of the real thought conveyed among the masses.

On the contrary, there is a set of people who believe trailers should reveal what the story is all about. Also, helping the public for making a decision to watch the movie in theatres. Well, they can do that simply by going through the trailer for a few minutes.

But Gauri doesn’t like the concept of revealing the plot of the film to the public by going through the trailer. She wants people to come to theaters to get the real story, because knowing it all before eventually kills the magic entirely.

The Dear Zindagi teaser revolves around a promising cinematographer by the name Kaira. She’s in search of a perfect life.

After a while, she gets to know that you can achieve happiness simply by finding comfort in your life’s imperfections. It stars Alia Bhatt, Angad Bedi, Kunal Kapoor, Aditya Roy Kapur.